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Blacklisting Case Study

Being blacklisted can be a trying time for anyone. This happens when a client is being blocked from certain activities or organizations by a negative report against them. Below is a case study detailing how we helped a client determine if they were actually being blacklisted or not.


Our Client was wondering what her former employers were saying about her after she left her old job in less than good terms. She was particularly concerned that her previous employer was giving out negative information to her perspective employer when they were conducting their preliminary background screenings. If this were indeed true, our Client would be effectively blacklisted and her source of income would be severely affected.

What ICS Did:

To conduct this blacklisting investigation, our private investigators used pretext (provided by the Client) to potentially draw out any negative information from our Client’s previous supervisors at her old company; and all of the resulting conversations were recorded. An employment verification was also conducted by a third party company to see what would come up.


The result of this investigation? Success! No negative information was being given to the investigators and the employment screening showed nothing out of the ordinary; this led us to conclude that the Client was not being blacklisted.

If you are applying for or starting a new job and you are worried about what your previous employers are saying about you – start a blacklisting investigation today. We can help you find the answers that you seek.


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