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Hidden Assets in a Divorce Investigation Case Study

A wife was in the process of a divorce, during which the husband pulled all of their financial resources and gave her a stipend for living expenses each month. In order to protect her future, she inquired into her husband’s businesses.

She was suspicious that her husband had a number of aliases that he used in order to purchase property and make money illegally. The wife also claimed that her husband conspired with the lawyers, the judge, and other involved parties, and stated she was mentally unstable. As a result of these allegations, she lost her home and custody of her children.

The woman believed that her husband was hiding his business affairs. When he caught wind of her investigating him, he retaliated by drastically cutting her financial resources. The wife contacted ICS for a free consultation and spoke with a case analyst to express her concerns. The case analyst and the client found the most prudent course of action would be to conduct a divorce investigation.  This type of service would include conducting a complete background check on her husband to help identify any aliases he might have, involvement in or ownership of corporations, and affiliations of his business partners and practices.This portion of the investigation would help substantiate her suspicions.

A national comprehensive search was conducted on the husband. The summary of findings verified that he was affiliated with multiple businesses. There were two other suspected associates, but they were not affiliated with him in any manner. Further exhaustive investigative searches were conducted on the possible parties that the husband was being said to influence, and again, there did not appear to be any correlation or relationship between the husband and the other suspects.

The wife possessed irrefutable documentation that defended her claim that her husband had a number of businesses and associates that he was not reporting as part of the divorce proceedings. ICS was able to give the client the necessary ammunition to fight a legal battle. 

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