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Catfishing To Prove Infidelity

Infidelity or cheating can destroy a marriage. Find out how one client stopped it before it happened and made sure it wouldn't happen again...with the help of ICS of course.


Picture that you catch your wife before she meets with a potential new lover – you save your marriage, but you're not comfortable just leaving it there – you want to expose him for the cheater that he is. This is exactly what happened in our next case study. The suspect in question was married, had conducted various extramarital affairs already and had almost started one with our client’s wife. The concerned husband concocted a cat fishing scheme to prove to his wife that the man she almost met was guilty of infidelity himself.

Details of the Case:

To begin the investigation, a lengthy conversation was started with the suspect on craigslist by a female friend of the client. It was soon arranged that the suspect and the client’s friend would meet for sex (which she never truly was going to do). On the day of the planned meet, surveillance was conducted by ICS to prove that the suspect was at the location, where his intent was to enter sexual relations with the fake profile (the client’s friend). Photos were obtained of the suspect in his registered vehicle on the scene. Explicit phone records, emails and nude photos were also obtained during the course of the investigation. The suspect was essentially caught red handed – all but actually in the act but the intent was clear – he was intent on having sex with multiple partners while married.


At the end of the case our client was satisfied with the resulting findings and his marriage was now secure following our efforts. 

What to Do Now:

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