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Cheating Military Wife Case Study

Our Client, who was currently in the military, wanted proof that his wife was cheating on him while he was away on deployment. A main goal of this investigation was to identify the other man that the wife was seeing.


ICS was contacted by a military man who was currently deployed in service of his country. He had begun to notice his wife exhibiting behaviors which may strongly indicate infidelity; their phone and video calls became shorter and less frequent, and his wife seemed distant and less interested in sharing her day’s events with him. Also friends of our Client had reported seeing his wife with another man on various occasions. Because of these reports, our Client wanted proof that his wife was cheating as well as identification of the man she was with.

ICS determined that the best course of action would be to conduct a period of surveillance which would focus on gathering photographic and written accounts of infidelity by the Subject. Also if the identification of the male was established, a thorough background check would be conducted on him.

Details of the Investigation

Upon arrival at the Subject’s home, the Investigator observed an unknown vehicle parked in the driveway as well as the Subject's primary vehicle. Soon after, the Subject (Client’s wife) was observed leaving her place of residence, accompanied by a secondary Subject who was male. They entered, what the Investigator assumed was the male Subject's vehicle, and drove away. Mobile surveillance was then initiated.

Both Subject's arrived at a local restaurant where the Investigator observed and captured a picture of them holding hands while walking toward the entrance. While having dinner, the Investigator also observed some public displays of affection between the pair. After leaving the restaurant, they arrived back at the Subject’s residence.

After the initial surveillance, the Investigator ran the unknown male’s vehicle license plate, which helped to positively identify him. A background check was conducted and the information was sent to the Client.

On the second evening of surveillance, after not finding any activity at the Subject's residence, the Investigator decided to do a spot-check of an establishment the Client believed the Subject could be located. When the Investigator arrived, he observed the male Subject's vehicle from the previous night. The Investigator entered the building in an attempt to locate the Subjects.

Using a covert video camera, the Investigator obtained video surveillance of the Subject rubbing the male’s back. He also captured video evidence of the two holding hands and kissing. About 2 hours later, the pair left and returned to the Subject's residence and were not seen for the rest of the night.


Although it is sometimes hard to get evidence that your wife is cheating, our Client was grateful that we had obtained the proof of infidelity that he needed so he could move forward with his life.

Here at ICS we are dedicated to serving members of the military and veterans. If you have a similar case please don't hesitate to contact us.

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