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Gay Spouse Investigation and Case Study

ICS does not discriminate when conducting investigations. We conduct investigations for anyone regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. In this particular investigation a man's male spouse was missing and ICS was tasked with finding him.


This case study illustrated ICS’ ability to find a Subject in a major metropolitan city in less than 24 hours. Immediate response and action was employed to get the Client the results he needed. If this investigation didn’t happen in a timely manner, the Subject, who was in the infancy stages of an aggressive substance abuse problem, would possibly have skipped town and abandoned his family for drugs.


ICS was contacted by a frantic man who suspected that his partner was going to skip town and abandon himself and their child. After calming the man down we proceeded to set up the pieces needed to track down and find our Subject. Going off of information provided by our client and after checking banking records our investigators found that the subject was taking numerous trips to a local ATM which was right across the street from a nearby bath house. We suspected that the Subject was using the ATM to pay for drugs in the bath house. As a result, the plan was to have our investigator set up outside the bathhouse with the intention to immediately contact the Client upon seeing the said Subject. Sure enough, after a few hours of surveillance the Subject was found entering the bath house. Upon seeing this, the Private Investigator immediately contacted the Client and the Client quickly picked up his Spouse and whisked him away to get him the help that he needed.


The result of the investigation was a pleased customer who was reunited with his loved one. The Subject was taken to rehab to beat his drug addiction and they are now a happy family again.

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