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Interpreter Found Guilty of Child Pornography

An interpreter working for an American Corporation in the Middle East was suspected of being a security threat. Upon further investigation, the suspicious behavior of this person led to the discovery of child pornography on his electronic devices.


An American corporation operating in the Middle East was suspicious of nefarious activities on the part of a foreign national employed as an interpreter and subject matter expert on tribal relationships. Due to the nature of their business and the location of their interests, the company decided to launch an investigation into this individual in order to ensure their security had not been compromised. The company's security officers performed an inspection of the employee's living quarters and found a laptop and smart phone, well hidden inside the interpreter's mattress. These media devices are considered contraband in the living quarters of foreign national employees. The employee was questioned and was unwilling to explain why the media devices were present and hidden in his quarters. The security officers accessed the media devices and made a quick search of the files, but did not find anything significant at the time.

The employee's refusal to cooperate, his suspicious behavior and the presence of hidden contraband in his quarters troubled the company, and it was decided that further investigation was necessary. The company contacted ICS and spoke to an investigator concerning their needs and geographic location. The company was assured that ICS had the expertise and global reach necessary for an investigation of this nature. After consulting with ICS, the company decided that the best course of action was to send the laptop and smart phone to the ICS forensic investigation department. ICS performed a forensic investigation in an attempt to confirm or deny the use of these media devices in nefarious activities that may have compromised the company leading to security or legal implications.


ICS performed a thorough forensic investigation of the laptop and smart phone, including a full exploit of the media devices to discover hidden or malicious software. Upon review of the results of the forensic methods employed, no immediate security threat was identified. However, large amounts of child pornography were discovered on both the laptop and the smart phone. The customer was informed of the results of the forensic investigation and was advised by ICS on a course of action. It was decided that since the employee was not a US citizen, he would need to be handed over to the local authorities. The ICS forensics report was successfully used by the corporation achieve a conviction of the interpreter through the local court system. This was a huge victory for ICS as the local court system had never been handed a case by American citizens, nor had they ever convicted a criminal through forensic evidence. It was due to the precision and thoroughness of the ICS forensic process and documentation that this was made possible. The company was assured that the employee posed no security threat to the company or its employees. This saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased security.

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