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Non Marital Infidelity Case Study: Woman’s Fiancé Caught with his Mistress

Are you worried that your fiancé is seeing another woman? Surveillance conducted by ICS allowed one woman to find out the truth and avoid further pain in the future.

Case Summary

Our Client was worried that her soon to be husband was cheating on her with another woman. Because of this she wanted ICS to conduct a non-marital infidelity investigation. Our Client already had pictures of the suspected mistress but she wanted to catch her fiance in the act of meeting with the woman.

Investigation Details

Originally this investigation was supposed to be surveillance of the Subject’s vacation home in New Mexico. When the Subject was found not to be on the premises the investigation was put on hold on behalf of the client to save the surveillance hours. A month later, however, we received word that the Subject was going to meet with his suspected mistress at a hotel in Texas. We then redeployed our private investigator in order to find out the truth. Here are the details of what happened that night:

9:45 pm: Our Investigator arrived at the hotel.

9:53 pm: To make sure the mistress was present, our Investigator called the hotel room of the woman and asked for someone with a fictitious name. Now that he had confirmed the female subject was present, he knew he was close to getting some answers.

10:30 pm: The (secondary) female Subject is observed entering the bar area and the (primary) subject appeared shortly after at 10:34 pm.

10:34 pm: The Subjects greeted each other with a kiss (the investigator could not observe if it was on the cheek or lips due to the position) and they proceeded to order a bottle of wine.

10:47 pm: Subjects moved to the lounge area and continued to converse as they both consumed the bottle of wine.

11:43 pm: The Subjects leave the bar area and proceed to the Hotel elevators. Both Subject's entered the elevator. The Investigator did not follow but proceeded to take photos of the Subject's vehicle, which parked in the Valet lot of the hotel.

12:00 am: Surveillance terminated.

7:30 am: Our Investigator returned to the hotel and found that the Subject’s car was gone and both individuals had checked out.


The Subject was caught secretly meeting with his mistress, a kiss was exchanged, and the two Suspects were observed sharing wine as if on an intimate date and going up the hotel elevators together. The Suspect’s car did not leave that night. This information was enough for our Client and she was glad to know the truth about her fiancé – that he was seeing another woman and was behaving unfaithfully.

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