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Polygraph Test Of a Cheating Wife Case Study

Polygraph examinations are used when other investigative materials have failed, and an absolute truth needs to be defined. Polygraphs can be used in criminal proceedings as well as civil, domestic, and employment issues. The premise of this test is to determine whether a subject is being truthful. In today’s world, persons are not taken at their face value, and simply swearing that you are telling the truth is not always sufficient.


A woman who had recently separated from her husband was desperate to reconcile. The wife pleaded that he was the love of her life and she never wanted to be with another man. The husband was suspicious that she was engaging in sexual relations with another man during the course of their marriage as well as the time they were separated. She swore she was telling the truth, but his suspicions were still unresolved. The wife decided the best way to satisfy his doubts was to get a polygraph examination.

The woman was directed to ICS by a friend. She spoke with a case analysis for a free consultation to discuss the process of the polygraph examination itself. The time and date was arranged for the test to be administered. At the time of the polygraph, the investigator asked the woman what type of questions she was looking to have answered and affirmed. The woman expressed that she wanted the questions to show that she had at no time ever been with another man during the course of the courtship, marriage and separation. The private investigator composed a set of twenty questions that would either affirm or refute the wife’s claims.


Upon conclusion of the test, the polygraph examiner reported the results to the husband. The polygraph showed the wife was lying. It showed she had been with numerous men behind the husband’s back and even had to get an abortion because she was impregnated by one of her many lovers. Even though the husband was devastated, he said he knew he couldn’t get anyone else, and he decided to take her back. He recently reported he thinks she’s cheating on him and plans to use our services again.

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