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Skip Tracing for a Client to get back Stolen Property Case Study

A client owned a luxury car that he was leasing through the manufacturer. He decided to go ahead and sublease the vehicle for the remainder of the payments. The client made a sublease agreement and a payment schedule with the individual. The subject made the initial car payment, but since that time has quit his job at a mortgage company, disconnected his phone, and changed residences.


Skip traces are most often done in an attempt to collect some type of debt. This is the least invasive way to locate a person in order to collect money that is owed by credit cards, loans, mortgages, medical bills, student loans etc.

The client began the initial investigation on his own in an attempt to locate the individual and repossess the vehicle. Even though the client proved to be tenacious in his search, he came up empty-handed. The client contacted ICS and spoke with a Case Analyst in a desperate attempt to find his car. He knew the subject still was driving the vehicle because he was receiving numerous parking tickets – the vehicle registration was still in the client’s name.


A number of comprehensive searches were conducted in an attempt to ascertain where the subject was hiding. A list of the subject’s relatives, neighbors, and employers was provided to the client so he could follow the legal process for obtaining the vehicle. It was determined that the subject was staying at his parents’ home. The ICS private investigator staked out the house and waited. When the subject finally showed up at the house with the car, the investigator notified the client. The client quickly went to the house and with his spare set of keys he was able to take back his property without a confrontation.

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