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Celebrating 50 years providing professional private investigations worldwide!

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Brian Sweet

Private Investigator, ICS of Pennsylvania

Brian Sweet obtained an Associates Degree in Police Science at Montgomery County College followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Shippensburg University. He began his career as a Court Deputy with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. In 1986 Mr. Sweet accepted a position as an investigator with a private detective agency. During his twenty years of service Mr. Sweet was an integral part of the success of this highly respected Philadelphia based investigative firm. It was at this location that Mr. Sweet developed his communication and observational skills, which are tremendous assets when interviewing witnesses. He has supplemented his skill set by attending annual seminars and classroom education with organizations such as the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), Law Enforcement Services Inc. as well as John E. Reid and Associates, Inc.

Finally, Mr. Sweet was recognized by the international investigative agency, ICS World, Inc He was awarded the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a territory, which he currently manages, along with his support team.

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