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Mark Woodward

Private Investigator, ICS of California

Mark Woodward
ICS of California
300 S. Harbor Blvd., Suite 804
Anaheim, CA 92805
(877) 427-9798 Toll Free
(714) 533-3232 Direct
Private Investigator License #25998

Mark Woodward has been a private investigator for 8 years, with over 18,000 hours of investigative experience. Mr. Woodward is an expert in surveillance, both stationary and mobile and specializes in obtaining interior videotape where most investigators wouldn't even consider trying. In addition, he has extensive experience in criminal defense investigations, including witness interviews, locating hard to find witnesses, preparing and serving subpoenas and background investigations.

Mr. Woodward has worked with several of the top defense attorney's in California including members of the O.J. Simpson defense team and the officers charged in the infamous beating of Rodney King. His professionalism and attention to detail ensures the client receives the best possible outcome to their case. He also has considerable experience working child custody cases where the outcome determines the safety and well being of innocent children.

Mr. Woodward is licensed in the state of California (PI#25998), but has also conducted investigations in a dozen states from coast to coast as well as Mexico.

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