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Michael Antonoff

Private Investigator, ICS of Ohio

Antonoff got his start as a private investigator with M. L. Wise Investigations in Dallas, Texas. There he learned the nuts and bolts of private investigation. Building on his military and parole officer experience he learned advanced surveillance, investigative research, and record keeping techniques. Additionally he learned how federal, state, and local laws affect the work of a private investigator. His work at M. L. Wise consisted of tracking cheating spouses, co-habitation cases and child abductions. He was trained extensively by the veteran investigators of M. L. Wise. This allowed Antonoff to go from an investigative rookie to a seasoned veteran.

For 25 years, Antonoff has run SRM Investigations, one of the top private investigation firms in Ohio and Florida. His seven male and female investigators have solved over 5,000 cases by successfully obtaining the critical information that his clients require. This include investigative work for the world-renowned lawyer Jan Schlichtmann, featured in the movie “A Civil Action” starring John Travolta. Antonoff’s work for Schlichtmann involved locating key documents that helped solve a major fraud case.

The investigative work of his firm has resulted in obtaining the documents and facts to overturn the cases of clients who were wrongly convicted in a court of law. Cases that he has worked on include surveillance, child abductions, investigating cheating spouses, and personal injury cases.

Through the years, Antonoff has continued to hone his investigation skills while keeping up-to-date on the latest investigation techniques. Antonoff and his SRM Investigations have the experience, dedication and perseverance needed to get the critical information to solve your case.

Michael Antonoff Office Information

ICS of Ohio

860 Boardman Rd. Suite 200A
Youngstown, Ohio 44512

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  • Celebrating 50 years providing professional private investigations worldwide!

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