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Tyler Rodgers

Senior Case Manager

Senior Case Manager Tyler Rodgers has been with ICS World for nearly 3 years. Prior to his tenure at ICS, Tyler served in the United States Navy as a Master-at-Arms. During his service, he had the opportunity to travel to various countries, to include but not limited to; the United States, Japan, South Korea, Bahrain, Greece, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. While traveling, Tyler was able to become familiar with international law enforcement policies and procedures and communication with various entities. Although most of them relating to military circumstances, most apply to the civilian way of life making him a most-valuable asset to the ICS Team. 

Holding certificates associated with NCIS, Marine SRT, Combat Coxswain, K9 Kennel Support and obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Tyler was able to bolster his repertoire. Upon completing a tour in the Middle East, returning to Virginia and making his exit from the service, Tyler decided to use his skill set in a career where he could help others all over the world. To-date, Tyler has completed upwards of 1,000 cases at ICS which range from Homicide, to Subject’ backgrounds.

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