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Client Billing Clerk

Date Posted: 07/02/2019

Job Details

  • Employment Type: Full-Time
  • Experience: 3+ Years
  • Location: Remote
  • Date Posted: 07/01/2019
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Job Description

Position Summary: Preparation of client invoices using a Quickbooks enterprise edition billing system. This position will work closely with case managers, investigators and other personnel to provide accounting support involving the preparation, delivery, and collection of client invoices. Invoice preparation includes a detailed analysis of project costs to ensure contract terms are interpreted correctly for the proper handling and recording of costs and revenue through all accounting systems. Perform adjustments/recycles of labor and non-labor costs. Reconcile all billing related accounts for assigned projects and apply payments from retainers accordingly. Position Skills: The proficiency levels range from lowest to highest: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert Office Automation Skills | Microsoft Word | Intermediate Office Automation Skills | Quickbooks Enterprise Edition | Intermediate

Job Requirements

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