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International Counterintelligence Services, Inc. (ICS), is one of the few professional private investigation agencies serving private clients, small business, government, commercial, corporations, legal, and insurance industries. ICS is a proud multiple government contract holder in the United States and other parts of the world. ICS is also a security consulting and licensed investigations agencies, originally founded in 1967.  As part of this longevity, we provide several investigative core competencies and are considered a full-service firm.

"The ICS mission is to provide professional private investigations anywhere in the world at any time and report our findings in a timely and accountable manner."

We operate--and offer confidential free consultations--seven days a week and all holidays, for many types of investigations. ICS utilizes state-of-the art equipment and techniques to offer a variety of services, including but by no means limited to eavesdropping & espionage countermeasures, undercover investigations, professional surveillance, background investigations and security consulting. When ICS clients need to draw on the expertise and experience of an investigator or a security consultant, it is with ICS that they quickly and effectively gain the edge.

History of International Counterintelligence Services, Inc.

Accredited Private Investigator

Founded in 1967 by Mr. W. David Rabern, CPP, PPS, CFS, CHS. (Certified Protection Professional, Personal Protection Specialist, Certified Fraud Specialist, Certified in Homeland Security). Mr. Rabern is a renowned private investigator, protection professional, security consultant, and expert witness. His original philosophies of investigative method, security consulting, and protection work, combined with his real-life case experiences materialize in the ICS Method of Approach. This Method of Approach is modified from time to time to meet the needs of each investigative assignment; however, its core principles create an environment to provide reliability for ICS clients. Mr. Rabern passed on this Method of Approach to many investigators in his care over the years. Often copied but not successfully duplicated outside of ICS, the ICS Method of Approach lives on in ICS and now, with the introduction of Mr. Rabern's son Michael D. Rabern, QP (Qualified Party Private Investigator) into the executive staff, the Method of Approach will continue to be successfully implemented.  Mr. Michael Rabern, once described as a spy-master protégé, has participated in the company for more than 14 years; he is now the president of the company.  One principle these Raberns espouse is that ICS does not rely on one expert, but many.  ICS maintains an elite team of experienced private investigators, analysts, and consultants worldwide.

Using this teamwork approach, ICS has become one of the largest and most prestigious agencies of its kind. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ (United States), ICS maintains a working relationship with thousands of affiliates and associates throughout the world, all of whom comply with the ICS ethical and professional standards. ICS has been involved in more than 110,000 investigations, intelligence, and counterintelligence operations of full or limited assignment since it was founded in 1967.

Experienced Private Investigators

The ICS investigative experience is diverse and it exemplifies our ability to successfully and reliably handle cases, create and foster theory, and execute clients' instructions in a timely manner. Many of our agents are members of Bilingual Private Investigators group and are  cultural-, national-, and gender-diverse.

The unique ICS investigative method, experienced elite management team, and real-world solutions are key elements of our success. All of our clients can be assured that ICS and its staff will handle their matters and themselves with professionalism above and beyond their expectations. In addition to our corporate and private concern experience, ICS is a current multiple contract holder with many government agencies. We are highly qualified in multiple-scope assignments with ongoing contractual periods.

How We Staff

Reliability is enhanced by a unique staffing solution. ICS uses a professional and competent approach to hiring investigators, using its present private investigators to screen new investigators. By utilizing operatives who have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, intelligence gathering, counterintelligence, military, specialized experience (i.e. accounting, security, finance, etc.), and consulting, ICS is assured of maintaining a quality and reliable staff.

Surveillance Investigator

ICS investigators must pass a rigorous screening and training process. Private Investigators, regardless of experience, are trained in all aspects of their specific scope of expertise by ICS. This team makes up the elite-of-elite philosophy of ICS staffing. At ICS, we do not generally publish profiles of our staff in the spirit of confidentiality. However, interested parties may review several agent profiles representing a typical cross-section of our abilities and experience by viewing the talent section of our website. Also, ICS is always accepting resumes from either licensed or non licensed private investigators through our private investigator jobs section on the website.

Insurance, Bonded, and Licensed

ICS meets all insurance requirements of errors and omissions, general professional liability, and workers' compensation, and is fully bonded and licensed as a private investigative firm. We have nationwide and often international geographic coverage for the majority of services offered.

When you decide to rely on any investigative solution, you must be fully confident in our ability to keep your case confidential, be discreet, be available, and most of all get results! When you decide to contract ICS you can be assured you're receiving the best we have to offer. Regardless of whether you're a business or an individual, ICS is a company you can trust. Our organizations follow the spirit and intent of the governments' laws in which we operate. You can rest assured your case and its evidence will be acquired and analyzed in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.

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