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Celebrating 50 years providing professional private investigations worldwide!

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Adultery or Infidelity Investigations (Marital)

Adultery or Infidelity Investigations (Marital): Suspecting your mate of having an affair can be a very emotionally overwhelming experience. To be sure of anything you need facts. ICS will investigate the suspicious activity, helping you attain the truth you need to make important decisions in your life.

Adultery or Infidelity Investigations

Feelings of disappointment, anger, uncertainty, betrayal and confusion can cloud rational thinking. There is no reason to live a moment longer wondering and feeling in pain. If you are having to face infidelity we can facilitate an in depth, discrete investigation to find out for certain. With knowing the truth comes peace of mind and in situations like these, certainty is priceless. We provide a free consultation and have a team of investigators nationwide able to track down and find out the truth. With ICS agents all over the country, we no longer have cross jurisdictional problems for investigations operating across multiple states.

Look over the list below, if this sounds even remotely familiar, you need to call us today.  There is nothing worse then the feeling of suspicion of a loved one, and until you know for sure, such thoughts could take a serious toll on your own well being as well as the well being of your relationship.

  • Excessive or discreet use of the computer
  • Overtime hours or holdovers with work
  • Hiding of phone, credit card, or bank account history
  • Excessive arguing of facts related to time
  • Blaming, defensive behavior
  • Negative projections behavior - accusing you of an affair
  • Lack of sexual interest or abnormal renewed sexual interest
  • Abnormal call activity at the home or cell phones - Hang ups and long tones
  • Removal of pictures or photos from wallet
  • Lost wedding ring
  • Singles behavior - out with friends
  • These are only some of the signs

Many times, email, messenger activity, and other communication mediums are a part of the infidelity investigation process. Several members of our investigations team also consult for our computer forensics and internet use service group and can help advise you on how to discover and use our investigations with your discovery process.

We understand completely that discretion is paramount in these types of investigations. No matter what your level in society, we are equipped with the tools to track and confirm any suspicions completely undetected. With ICS, you are 100% assured and guaranteed complete confidentiality. We can, in most circumstances, also complete a background investigation and profile of the "Unknown Subject(s)”. If desired, ICS has the ability to provide you with a complete report on the other person, with integrity photos included.

If you are married and you suspect your significant other may be having an affair, it is not enough to have suspicion alone for piece of mind. You will need documentation that can be taken to trial if you make the decision to divorce. Documentation is the most important part of your case. Having a thorough report, video, and still photography evidence can help you with your presentation of the facts. If you decide to work with an attorney, it is important to have the evidence we provide to ensure your case and to protect you and your interests. All evidence is collected and provided in a strict, factual and specific manner. Preliminary and scientific forensic lab analysis is also available. Extramarital affairs often lead to divorce; we do not interfere, we are here to help. We can assist in items from the discovery process to the healing process of recovering from infidelity. We believe infidelity is a very serious matter and should be treated accordingly.

If your spouse or significant other is cheating, you deserve to know the truth. With the help of an ICS professional investigator you can begin to start the healing process. If you decide that your marriage is irrevocably broken, you are going to need the confidential services that ICS investigators can offer. As difficult as it may be to come to terms with, you are going to need to get the facts and protect your interests and own well being. Coping with infidelity is not easy, but living with it is worse.

Items to which you can expect to have access to for an Unfaithful, Cheating Mate or Adultery Investigation:

  • Surveillance
  • Photos of Unknown Subjects
  • Communications Activity
  • Computer Usage
  • Internet Usage
  • Email Tracing
  • Identity Verification
  • Polygraph Examination Lie Detection
  • Semen Testing
  • Bodily Fluid Testing
  • DNA for Hair and Skin
  • Covert Pregnancy Testing
  • Surface Drug Testing
  • Covert and Undercover Assignments

People we catch (the cheater):

  • Cheating Wife or Unfaithful Wife
  • Cheating Husband or Unfaithful Husband
  • Cheating Spouse or Unfaithful Spouse
  • The Emotional Infidelity
  • The Other Woman
  • The Other Man
  • Marital Infidelity
  • Matrimonial Investigations


A consultation for this investigation type may request the following information:

  1. What is your relationship to the subject?
  2. How long have you been together?
  3. When was the problem first suspected?
  4. What signs of unfaithfulness have you noted? (Please check all that apply)
  5. Do you suspect who the subject may be seeing?
  6. Does the subject live with the spouse?
  7. Is the subject a Minor?
  8. Is there use of computers involved?
  9. Does the subject use IM, Chat or Email?
  10. Please list any websites, social networking sites, enthusiast group, online games (MMOs) or forum sites the subject is known to have used or currently uses: (ie. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram or any online gaming platforms such as World of Warcraft, WhatsApp, Handcent or other chat applications.)
  11. Are there citizenship concerns?
  12. Do you have any evidence you need tested for biological fluids?
  13. Do you have recent pictures of the subject?
  14. Do you know where the subject works?
  15. Does the subject have any vehicles?
  16. Does the subject have a propensity toward violence, physical and/or verbal?
  17. Has the subject ever been under surveillance?
  18. Do you know the dates and times that would be best to start the surveillance?
  19. What have you done on your own to this point? (This can be very critical to success)
  20. How do you plan to use the results of the investigation if proof of cheating is discovered? Why?
  21. Please understand that the funding for your case may vary depending on the complexity. So that we may help you, what range of funding would you estimate to be affordable for this matter?
  22. If you used a search engine to find us, please type the keywords here:

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(REDACTED) commented 827 days ago
I want to be sure my husband is not cheating. Last month he told me he has a baby (REDACTED) out of our relationship and it's a secret and keeps abusing my mom, then texts me that even if were not married again, i should respect him by apologizing. He then told our daughter that he will be leaving after thanksgiving. We have been married almost (REDACTED) and we have (REDACTED) girls. I need to know if he's having an affair.
(redacted) commented 963 days ago
if you are having problems with hacking softwares and relatiomship issues trying to get your partner, (redacted) is the best out there... you can contact him via email - (redacted)
(Redacted) commented 1330 days ago
I know my husband is going to pros after a interval a time. No sex with me at all. But after I came to know all this he game me a different explanation of his purpose of going there; though that is never justified.But tried to put a different flavor to his principle & honesty. Moreover, involved closely to other 2-3 women explaining them as his best friend. He says I am always thinking wrong about him; May I know how much would be the cost to catch him while with prostitute!
(Redacted) commented 1379 days ago
I live in Utah and I found out my spouse has been having an affair after 37 years of marriage. He continues to tell our adult children that he isn't seeing this woman, but they have caught him lying and he continues to see her despite our divorce still pending. Can anything be done about him transporting this woman in OUR vehicle and him using OUR vehicle to continually visit her at her apartment. Do I have any recourse since the vehicle is in both of our names?
John commented 1441 days ago
I suspect my wife of (Redacted) years is cheating with my son in Law at the house while we at work. I want facts.
(Redacted) commented 1452 days ago
Based on the current info I have - I`m suspecting that my wife had one night stand in Aspen (Redacted). I would like to find out what really happened that night. Also, how much would an investigation like this cost?
ellen commented 2057 days ago
Mine partner of 15 years I know is cheating. How can I find out who the lady is.
Tash commented 2211 days ago
I really need help I live in the UAE and want someone to investigation in Dubai my husband is cheating on me plz send me a number of some one who Can help thanku
Gail commented 2283 days ago
My dauther separted from her husband on 10/1/11 and is considerning filing for a legal separatd, child support and joint custody with her a the custodail parent. I recently have seen signs of him cheating with someone. What can I do and will thei help her in her custody case. I don't want to hurt her any more, but would like to do this if in want help her. She resides in Maryland and he recently moved to York, PA where I beleve she lives. Please let me know if this would be beneficial
sweety commented 2328 days ago
i suspect my husband is having an affair but not sure and no proof, i want surveillance and proof

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