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Alaska Private Investigator

ICS offers an extensive range of services and case types in Alaska which are always lead by one of our well qualified investigators. ICS Private Investigators are held to the highest standards. You can expect all reports and findings to be as accurate as possible. Contact ICS today and let us help you get the results you are looking for.

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Anchorage, Alaska Private
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Local Alaska Private Investigators

alaska Private Investigator

Alaskan private investigators are not required by the state to be licensed in order to conduct investigations in Alaska, unless they are in the cities of Anchorage or Fairfax. It is important to understand these local laws, as it can determine the results and integrity of your investigation. This is why ICS stresses the importance of hiring experienced private investigators that are reputable to insure that the investigation goes smoothly. With ICS, you can be assured that any private investigator who conducts investigations for ICS has been selected with rigorous scrutiny, in order to provide the best possible investigations and results.

Private Investigator in Alaska

Private Investigators in Alaska face many different conditions then other private investigators in other states. Apart from the cold weather, Alaska has very different light cycles then the rest of the continental United States. Depending on where you are in the state, as well as what month of the year it is, you could have as much as 24 hour sunlight, or 24 hours of darkness. As you move around Alaska, you can experience different light cycles that can vary more or less based on your Longitude and Latitude.

alaska Private Investigator

Alaska is the largest state in United States as well as the least densely populated with approximately 700,000 residents. Unlike most states, Alaska does not have counties. Unofficially, Alaska is broken up to six widely known regions. South Central is the most populated of the regions and also contains the city of Anchorage. The Southeast region is the closest area to the rest of United States and encompasses the State Capital, Juneau.

Much of the other areas of Alaska are wide spread and only contain small towns with limited road access. Alaska's limited roadway access, contains only one main freeway with branching roads and streets connecting the central locations of the population.

Background Check Alaska

Do you need a Background Check conducted in Alaska? Background checks can reveal an abundance of information and is often an essential asset to a Private Investigator and their investigation. Sometimes a client may only require a background check to be performed, were others, will require a background check as a part of a much larger investigation. Regardless of your scenario, ICS is ready to hard for you and get you the information you desire. ICS has been conducting discrete, confidential investigations and helping people in Alaska since 1967.

alaska Background Check

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Local Associations and Important Resources for Alaska

Alaska Private Investigator Association

Website: www.akinvestigators.com

About Alaska:


Jurisdictional, Licensing, and Regulation Concerns


The state of Alaska requires a standard business license before performing private investigations. The city of Fairbanks and Anchorage do have licensing regulations. If it becomes necessary for an investigator to pass through Fairbanks or Anchorage in an investigation, an investigator license is necessary.

Contact Information:
State of Alaska, Business Licensing Section, P.O. Box 110806, Juneau, Alaska, United States, 99811-0806
Phone: 907-465-2550

Alaska Investigators Association

Qualifications Requirement:
(In Anchorage)

At Least 18 Years Old
Detailed Work History
Current Alaska business License
$100 Fee (two-year license)
Application Must be Notarized

(In Fairbanks)

U.S. Citizen
Good Moral Character
No Felony Convictions
Valid Alaska Driver’s License
Post $10,000 Surety Bond
Criminal Background Check

Fees: $50 for business license ($25 for senior citizen).


The state of Alaska does not have specific licensing laws; however, Fairbanks does have licensing regulations. If it becomes necessary for an investigator to pass through Fairbanks in an investigation, an investigator license is necessary.
Reference Website: https://www.labor.state.ak.us/research/dlo/fprvdet.htm

Contact Information:

Alaska Investigators Association

Alaska private Investigator Licensing

BEWARE!!! Alaska does not require a state license for Private Investigators. 

It is important to find an company that you can trust.  We have been around since 1967.  We have extremely professional Private Investigators working for us who have handled some very high profile cases, and we also have a respectable extensive client list.  Only a handful of Private Investigators in the nation can make those kind of statements.

Although Alaska does not require a state license for Private Investigators, the City of Fairbanks currently requires Private Investigators to be licensed.

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