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Celebrating 50 years providing professional private investigations worldwide!

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Birth Parent Locate Investigation

Birth Parent Locate Investigation: Making the choice to search out your birth parents can be a life changing decision. ICS is passionately dedicated to making this search as quick and easy as possible. Allow us to do the work to find not only your parents, but as much detail as you want about them, for you. We have been locating and reuniting adopted children with their birth parents for over 40 years.

Birth Parent Locate Investigation

Children who know that they have been adopted are haunted by uncertainties. Why didn’t my biological family want me? Does either of my parents miss me? Does my mother remember me on my birthday? Have I inherited some condition or predilection that I need to be aware of to protect my health and well-being? Do I have siblings that might be happy to know me? Yes, an abundance of questions exist post adoption for all concerned, but the answers are often allusive, and presumably unattainable.

There are a few things to consider throughout our search:

Name Change:

In a quest for someone to find a biological (birth) parent, it is essential to consider the possibilities of a name change. This is more specific to finding a birth mother, as a marriage or divorce can change the last name. Not having such information could cause unnecessary stress and discouragement in the search. When possible, get as much information on both birth parents as humanly possible. The more information obtained prior to the search, the easier it can be to get the results that are being sought.


The best way to be familiar with the adoption process is to review the documents that would be used in an adoption. This can be used as a guide to the information needed in finding a biological parent. If the entire or most of the paperwork can be filled out, then enough information is probably retained to begin the search. If there is not enough information available, it may be necessary to get more info before continuing in the search. The adoptive parents may be able to assist in this part of the search. If they are unwilling, then any information you have on them may be helpful in finding the adoption agency they may have used and through that possibly track it back to the birth parent.

In learning about the adoption process, it is important to seek advice and information, and become familiar with the many agencies and resources available. Find all of the available records in the state, county, local and national facilities where the child was born. It can be overwhelming, but persistence can pay off. In the Directory section of the State and National Records, some useful information can be found, and help in finding answers to some of the questions that were not answered up until this point. The records should have valuable and useful information on the location of the birth parents at the time of the child’s birth.

Some key information to have for a more effective search will be the birth parents names. Find out if the biological parents were married to one another. The location they lived in around the birth of the child that was put up for adoption. If able to find the location of the birth parent or parents find out if they have or had family in the area they lived in. Sometimes a physical description will be in the original adoption paperwork, which can be useful in a search. The occupation each birth parent had around the time of the birth of the child is also useful.


Ages or approximate ages of the birth parents can help weed out leads of potential biological parents. Try to determine the religious background of either of the biological parents, if that is available, it can be helpful in going to the place of worship and possibly get leads on the birth parents whereabouts now. Medical issues and background can help in locating them now, if there was a pre-existing issue around the birth of the child. The birth parents reason for relinquishing rights to the child can also give an idea to where they might be presently.

It is not as essential to have all pertinent information about the biological father. It can sometimes be easier to locate the birth father because it is very uncommon for a man to change his name. It can be more difficult if the important information for the birth mother is not complete. Most of the records pertaining to the adoption will be in the birth mother's name. It is still very good to get as much information about both of the birth parents as possible. The more information that is know the easier the search should be.

With adoption, some states provide confidential intermediaries, but they are hard to use and find. We are able to help you with these as part of our involvement with these investigations.

Some of our Resources:

  • Foster Care Records
  • Private Agency
  • Medical Records
  • Institutional Records
  • Protective Services
  • Police Records
  • Catholic Social Services
  • Religious Institutions
  • International Searches
  • Information Clearing Houses
  • Welfare and Adoption Record Searches

As an adopted child, you probably have a psychological "need to know." You may even have an urgent need to learn about your biological heritage and the genetic forces that can mean the difference between health and illness or, sometimes, life and death.

Information you might need to know:

  • Medical Purposes
  • Need to Know
  • Reunions
  • Seeking Relatives
  • Adoption Locate

We can help you find answers to many of your questions about your past and birth parents. Many times free adoption searches exist to help you. We will use these, our leverage as private investigators, our experience, and our resources to help you with this discovery process.

We also assist with backgrounds investigations prior to reunions and can assist with the following:

  • Obtaining Photos
  • Find Other Relatives
  • Complete Background Investigations
  • Investigate Incidents with Adoption

When you do an adoption search with ICS-- everything is kept confidential and everything we do is discreet.

Items you can expect to have access:

  • Photos of Unknown Subjects
  • Identity Verification
  • List of Family Members
  • Genealogy
  • DNA Verification
  • Birth Records
  • Vital Statistics
  • Death Records
  • Private Agency Searches
  • Covert Pregnancy Testing
  • Surface Drug Testing
  • Surveillance
  • Reunion Search Engines
  • Historical Birth Announcements
  • Public Records
  • Covert Background Investigations
  • Covert and Undercover Assignments


A consultation for this investigation type may request the following information:

  1. What is your relationship to this investigation? (Adoption)
  2. Are you seeking financial support adjustments?
  3. By what date do the services need to be complete?
  4. Please tell us about the subject:
  5. Please understand that the funding for your case may vary depending on the complexity. So that we may help you, what range of funding would you estimate to be affordable for this matter?
  6. Will the results of this investigation be used in a court of law?
  7. What have you done on your own to this point? (This can be very critical to success)
  8. If you used a search engine to find us, please type the keywords here:

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(REDACTED) commented 650 days ago
I am was adopted at birth, I am now (REDACTED) a few years ago my adoptive mother hired a private investigator and found my birth mother. She wanted nothing to do with me and refused to know anything about me and refused to meet me. I was not hurt because I have had a wonderful life. But I know alot of people want to either find their child or parent and I want to know how I can help. Please contact me and let me know how I can help. (REDACTED). thank you so much for your help
Ramen (REDACTED) commented 671 days ago
Same I don't know who my dad is????
Sarah (REDACTED) commented 679 days ago
I am very interested in finding my birth father. My mother had me when she was very young, and it was only a one time encounter... I keep getting different stories from her every time I try to ask her about it. All I know was that it happened in (REDACTED), where I was born, and he was friends with a guy named (REDACTED). I'm 24 years old now and have a daughter of my own. I don't even know if my birth father knows I exist. I just want to know... I need the truth.
kayla commented 683 days ago
Is this free
(REDACTED) commented 686 days ago
Imnin the same boat as a few others. My family has no idea and my mom clains she doesnt remember... I know it sounds bad but Im an 80s babu which she was in her 20s. In california with 2 party sisters close in age. It bugged me at first but now immjust longing to find out who my father is and only waste energy on that. What is the cost and is there financial aid available?
(REDACTED) commented 845 days ago
I want to know about my father but that's its because I can't ruin his life
(REDACTED) commented 849 days ago
I really want to know who my father is,heard his name is kelvin and he did worked in (REDACTED) company in (REDACTED) in (REDACTED) in (REDACTED),apart from that i know nothing about him.Can someone help me find him.Thanks
N.k commented 989 days ago
I need to know who my birth father is I cant get anyone to tell me the whole truth I know very lil about him if it's even the truth how much would it be and can you guarantee that you will find him?
jennifer commented 1071 days ago
i despertly want to find my parents
(Redacted) commented 1277 days ago
I was raised by my biological mother and my biological father left my mother when she was 4 months pregnant. I dont know much of him. I only saw him in my mom old scarp books and been looking for him ever since then no luck. Please help me find him!

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