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ICS Locates Client's Father

Locating a long lost parent is very fulfilling for us. See how we got it done.


When our Client came to us, she had very little information about her  biological father, and before ICS she had even hired a local company and was told that this person didn’t exist. During the extent of the Client’s prior investigation, the original company thought that simply looking at Ancestery.com would yield the results needed - but they were wrong. Our firm utilized a much more comprehensive approach by conducting searches in multiple databases and following up with all of the search results to narrow down the results.


Sure enough, ICS located the birth father and this was verified when the story we had from the client matched up with the father’s. Luckily for our Client she didn’t give up easily and she states that ICS “was beyond amazing” in finding her father. She also said that “our results were fast and effective.” Our Client is now in contact with her father and very happy to finally have been able to find him and get him back into her life.

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