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Kim Kardashian Working to Free Wrognfully Convected

I was reading the news and caught wind of Oli Coleman article at PageSix, about how Kim Kardashian was weighing in with her assistance to help the wrongfully convicted.

What Exactly Does a Private Investigator Do

There are many misconceptions about what private investigators actually do. Click here to learn all about the duties of a private investigator.


What to Expect When Hiring a Private Investigator

If you're thinking of hiring a private investigator, you may have some questions. This article will reveal what to expect when hiring a private investigator.


CNN Sells Infideliy is OK Snake Oil Poppycock

We were reading today on CNN Why Woman Cheat on Their Partner, selling an ocean tanker full of snake oil. 


Private Investigator Used To Investigate Police Chief

What If The Police Need Policing? A Private Investigator Could Be The Answer.


Defense Lawyer Hires Private Detective To Help Solve Robbery Case

Hiring A Private Detective Can Serve You Well In Court


How To Pick A Great And Legal Private Investigator

Not All Private Investigators Are Created Equal

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