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What Exactly Does a Private Investigator Do

Author : Michael Date : 11/02/2017 Category : Private Investigation Comment : 0

When people think of a private investigator, they may get images straight out of a crime film. They may envision a dilapidated office in a bad area of town where the detective tracks down an evil mastermind.

But these stereotypes don't lend any credence to the hard work many investigators do.
So what exactly does a private investigator do? Read on to find out and learn more about the great services they offer.

Being a Private Investigator Mostly Involves Research

This isn't to say that there aren't plenty of exciting moments working as an investigator. There certainly are, but to get to those moments, a ton of research has to take place first.

So while many think of investigators as people in trench coats running down alleys hunting bad guys, most of the time the job involves reading. It could be reading about new, helpful tech, or simply researching for a case.

Often, research means conducting a background search. And while you may think this means extensive databases, social media is a huge help. In fact, social media is credited as fundamentally altering the landscape of PI work
Process Services

When a person files a lawsuit, a contractor with the court must track them down and hand them their warrant. This process, known as serving, goes about as well as you might expect.

Many people try to avoid the processor so they can avoid their warrant. In this instance, a PI may be hired to track down the dodgy offender and hand them court papers
Assist in Court Cases

Many investigators work as contractors with the court system to help with legal proceedings.
Occasionally, an attorney may feel overwhelmed or out of their element. In this instance, they'll hire a PI to help establish their case. This can mean tracking down evidence, files, or interviewing people.
In other instances, a PI may assist in a divorce hearing. They'll, for instance, help decipher which parent should take care of the child and gain custody. One spouse can hire the investigator to monitor the other spouse's lifestyle, typically in a bid to obtain evidence that can be used to prove that the parent "under investigation" is not fit to have custody of the kids.

Is There Undercover Sleuthing Work?

Yes, there is a bit of traditional undercover sleuthing work every now and then. This may mean tracking a cheating spouse or an angry ex-lover or finding out info about business dealings.
With that said, investigators take special care to always work within the law. Even when they're working undercover, they're following a strict set of guidelines.

Working as a private investigator requires tons of care, and even requires certifications. Accordingly, make sure to only hire private investigators that are licensed.

Final Thoughts

Working as an investigator can be thrilling. However, it also requires tons of research, a clear head, and knowledge of the law, so you'll want to hire someone who knows what they're doing.

If you or your business would benefit from the work of an investigator, let us know. We can help you track someone down, screen an employee, or strengthen retail security.

Get in touch today and see what an investigator can do for you.


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