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Michael D. Rabern


Mr. Michael Rabern, President of ICS World, is a registered member of the American Society for Industrial Security and maintains membership with the local Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators. In 2005, while under Mr. Rabern’s leadership, ICS was nominated for the Better Business Bureau (BBB) prestigious Business Ethics award.   Mr. Rabern supports local businesses and entrepreneurial opportunity by serving as a member of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.


Mr. Rabern practices a humble, grassroots management style, remaining in constant contact with employees, whom he treats as family.  Mr. Rabern has continued to build ICS into the business that it is today, after succeeding his father and founder of ICS, Mr. David W. Rabern, as President.  The strong Rabern family values are evident in everything the company does today.  The legacy of Mr. David Rabern can be seen on every wall in the ICS offices, and the company continues to exceed expectations under Michael Rabern’s leadership


Mr. Rabern received formal educational training from Scottsdale Community College, Arizona State University, and University of Arizona. Mr. Rabern explains that his ambition, athleticism and passion are "a way of life, it my profession, its my calling." 


Mr. Rabern brings his own unique business background to ICS. Although he was raised in the ICS environment, Mr. Rabern concurrently managed five start up companies with his get-it-done entrepreneur style.  Mr. Rabern is technologically savvy by any standards, capable of writing complex computer and Internet coding. 


Mr. Rabern adheres to an open door policy, making himself available to clients and employees. 

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