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ICS Now Offers Real Estate Investigations

Date : 04/16/2007

ICS now offers investigation on real estate fraud and other types of needs by real estate professionals.

Stop Investment Fraud in its Tracks

We all have heard the stories of people losing their home or land due to investment fraud. This occurs worldwide and ICS has years of experience helping professionals with a private investigator in real estate fraud investigations and all other types of fraud.

From cheating honest citizens out of the title to their own land to fake mortgages being taken out on their money, the amount of dishonest and criminal activity that occurs continues to grow each year. Real Estate Professionals will be working with a client who thinks they are set to purchase a new property when sadly they find out they have become a victim of real estate investment fraud.

One of the most common cases of real estate investment fraud is between bitter spouses. You will hear the stories of a horrid divorce and before the couple actually divorces, one of the spouses found a way to take out a mortgage on the property behind the other’s back. These cases keep popping up and ICS is here and available to help these victims.

What can a private investigator for ICS do to help their client? From undercover investigations to continuous background record checks, if you are suspicious of illegal activity or have a client that has already fallen victim, ICS is the company to contact. With their worldwide status and top rated service, the perpetrator can be stopped in their tracks before the situation can worsen.

ICS real estate private investigators are here for you

For the busy Real Estate Professional needing a private investigator, ICS understands your needs and desires in your line of work. From that one employee that just doesn’t sit right with you to residents that have visitors all hours of the night, ICS’s private investigators have over 40 years of experience handling these types of situations and many more.

If you are an owner of numerous properties and do not have the time to conduct a background check, a private investigator can take the hassle out of this for you with their comprehensive and confidential services when pre-screening new tenants. ICS even can check the background of a property before deciding to purchase so you have all the facts and records and can also find out if the other party is lying to you when ICS can provide you proof. Don’t forget, with the profitability of real estate fraud this can be an open door for criminal activity. The Real Estate game is still a business and a large amount of life savings is invested in hopes of retiring off rental properties.

Why play games with unruly tenants or dishonest employees? By the time you find out the “nice tenant” is not so nice, it may be too late. ICS has years of proven experience helping Realtors so why skip one of the most important steps when conducting business.

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