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Spousal or Matrimonial

Individual Clients for Spousal or Matrimonial Investigations: Whatever your worries are in your...

Individual Clients (Personal Cases)

Individual Clients for Private Investigations: It's all about you at ICS.

Parental or Caretaker

Usually the mother has the 'parental responsibility' for their children, but it is not uncommon...

Attorneys & Legal Services

Attorneys and Legal Services with ICS. We have been laying down the law since 1967.

Business (Small Business)

With our small business client services, even the smallest business can change the course of the...

Business (100+ Employees)

When your business needs a expert in the field of corporate investigation ICS has the experience,...

Transportation (Trucking and Cargo)

Cargo and Transportation Investigations: Individuals and companies can rely on ICS to perform any...

Financial Services Industry

In capitalism you'll find the financial service industry. With ICS you'll find answers.

Insurance Industry and Adjusters

The insurance services industry is a field that we have specialized in since 1967.

Human Resource Professionals

ICS specializes is all aspects of investigation when dealing with human resource professionals.

Security & Private Investigator

Our investigative company has been providing security and investigation professionals with help...

Medical Services or Hospice

Medical Services or Hospice: ICS will keep your organization strong and healthy.

Government (Local/State/Federal)

Government (Local/State/Federal): We pledge allegiance.

Law Enforcement Specific

Law Enforcement-Specific: ICS is your greatest ally.

Non-Government Organization

ICS is an investigation company that has been relied on by non-government organizations since 1967.

Education Services Industry

People in the education services industry have been coming to us for help since 1967. We...

Hotel, Bar or Restaurant Specific

Hotel, Bar, or Restaurant-Specific: ICS helps keep the hospitality industry hospitable and secure.

Real Estate Professionals

We have been in business helping real estate professionals with investigations since 1967.

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