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Business (100+ Employees)

When your business needs a expert in the field of corporate investigation ICS has the experience, expertise, reliability and reputation that get results. For more than 40 years, ICS has provided corporate investigations for many business and high profile clients. Many Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 companies already employ the expertise of ICS.

When it comes to corporate investigations in today's litigious and protectionist business climate, you can not afford take ill-advised risks. Utilizing a highly trained staff with access to the the most advanced, professional resources, our private investigators simply overwhelm the opposition.

Prior to implementation of any investigation, we conduct a thorough needs analysis taking into consideration your strategic and/or tactical goals. We will then mobilize our assets, coordinate with your resources, and together we will use our unique Method of Approach. As a result, we can provide the best in diligence, giving you the opportunity to resolve your case in as positive a manner as possible.

Typical Implementation Process:

  1. Free Consultation for Needs Analysis
  2. Action Plan Development with Stakeholders
  3. Deposit Requirements Met
  4. Execution of Action Plan

Every corporation will eventually face some sort of unfavorable circumstance or possess an intense need to know.  We work for you, your management team, and counsel, following your instructions to the letter. However, when you need to use a team outside of your organization with service that is discrete and confidential.

You can make the difference, maintain your market edge and keep away public scandal.

  • Specialized staff prepared to work with multiple individuals in or outside your organization.
  • Specialized investigators assigned to each type of investigative task - Internationally.
  • Rapid response International Teams.
  • 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Whatever your needs may be, in any area of investigation or security, we have a professional team that can fill in those gaps quickly and painlessly. With ICS, you're never more than a step away from accomplishing your goals and getting the positive results.

Recent Investigation Inquiries

Origin Investigation Location
Auburn, Massachusetts United States
Manhattan, New York United States
HOUSTON , Texas United States
Sioux falls, South Dakota United States
Houston, Texas Australia
silver Spring, Maryland United States
COTTONWOOD, Arizona Texas
PALM COAST , Florida United States
DICKENSON , North Dakota United States
WALES, Massachusetts United States

Case Studies: Business (100+ Employees)

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