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Case Study: Due Diligence investigation helps business move forward with new investors.

The private investigator for ICS helped our client make informed decisions about their potential investigators. With this case study the efforts made by ICS thwarted the clients suspicion and made for better business dealing.


ICS was contacted by a Client conducting due diligence for a Client of their own. The Client sought information in reference to two individuals seeking to invest in a business, becoming part owners in said business. Due diligence, including but not limited to; current living residence, confirming workplace, neighbor interviews of Subject’s, previous criminal records, prior business dealings and hard assets were requested. The Client was able to provide as much information as possible, but of course investigators were to verify.

The ICS team devised an action plan to obtain the information requested by the Client which included background checks, interviews, and minimal surveillance. After completion of these findings, ICS will be able to further identify the Subject’s behavior and business dealings.


During the course of the Investigation, Investigators found several relevant findings on driving records, and relevant findings on criminal records. Criminal records had since then been purged from records, and all that existed was the filing number. Investigators were able to confirm their workplace, the vehicles driven, their physical addresses, hard assets, marital status and much more. All information was confirmed in person with proof of record. ICS concluded that the two Subject’s in question were who they said they were and closed the case. The Client’s worry in future business dealings were at ease.

What to do Next: 

Do you have a pressing question and need to execute upon your duty for due dilligence? Our private investigators can help case action plan and answer your most pressins questions. ICS knows how to answer the questions you dont know to ask, and the ones that are the hardest to ask.  

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