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Attorneys and Legal Services with ICS. We have been laying down the law since 1967.

One of the most important things in the law is evidence. Without evidence, the most stellar legal argument in the world will fall apart. That's why ICS prides itself on helping attorneys get the evidence they need to make their case, whether it be prosecution or defense.

It's important when dealing with our clients, such as these, that we provide them with the legal support that they will need.  All of the information collected by our trained and professional private investigators will hold up in a court of law.  This is just one of the main reasons that attorneys and all types of legal services have been turning to us for years.

Our expert private investigators go above and beyond expectations looking for the proverbial devil in the details to find the tiny and crucial elements that make a bad case a good case.  We specialize in helping  attorneys succeed so they get the positive result that they are ooking for.

Recent Investigation Inquiries

Origin Investigation Location
Converse, Texas United States
Hyattsville, Maryland United States
Burlington, Ontario, Canada Canada
Yuba City, California United States
Dairyland-, Wisconsin
lynchburg, Virginia United States
KAHAHUI, Hawaii United States
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Canada
Waldorf, Maryland United States
sarasota, Florida

Case Studies: Attorneys & Legal Services

Welfare Check Case Study

If someone is in a relationship with an abusive partner, we are sometimes contacted by a client...

Catfish Case Study

After communicating with a woman online for over a year, ICS was contacted to determine if our...

International Due Diligence Case Study

A client called ICS to perform due diligence on a man who he was thinking of becoming business...

Locate And Process Service Case Study

A Client recently needed to serve her estranged husband divorce papers, but didn’t know where he...

Phone Number Search Case Study

A Client was getting hang-up calls from the same phone number several times a week. When she...

Adultery Violated the Law Michigan

Michigan Adultery Law clearly defines Adultery as a crime in its penal code.

Business Background Checks for New Employees or Possible Business Partners

Conducting a due diligence investigation provides a business with a complete history of a subject...

Case Study Discovery of Cohabitation to Nulify Alimony Order

Entitled to several thousands of dollars per month in alimony payments so long as he was not...

Case Study for Child Custody and Visitation Investigations

A distraught mother of two contacted International Counterintelligence Services, Inc. (ICS) out...

Case Study of Stalking and Harassment of a Female Medical Professional

Imagine you worked your whole life to become something. You wanted to help other people who had...

Cell Phone Spyware Discovered

When Jane, a middle-aged woman, began to have marital problems she suspected that her husband...

Computer Forensics Overview Case Study

Computer Forensics: When looking at the bigger picture of the computer forensics investigation...

Counter Surveillance of Disability Fraud Investigation Case Study

A client won a lawsuit from a large corporation that resulted in her receiving disability...

Email Harassment in Business

Do not let email harassment infringe upon your life. If you are being victimized by email...

Email Infidelity in a Computer Forensics Investigation Case Study

Email Infidelity in a Computer Forensics Investigation: The boyfriend was very emotional at the...

Employer Conducted Illegal Espionage on Employee, Discovered by Computer Forensics

A prominent businessman from a large corporation had given notice of resignation from his...

Forensic Surface Drug Testing Case Study

ICS is a highly specialized drug testing company that provides forensic surface drug testing in...

Graphic Content in a Computer Forensics Investigation Case Study

Out of curiosity, a wife of 10 years decided to look to see what was on her husbands computer....

Hidden Assets in a Divorce Investigation Case Study

A wife was in the process of a divorce, during which the husband pulled all of their financial...

Private Investigator Busts Catfish Scam Case Study

After communicating with a woman online for over a year, ICS was contacted to determine if our...

Case Study: Can a jewlery theft case that's gone cold be solved?

The Client sought professional help in an effort to capture still images of a video, visually...

Case Study: Due Diligence investigation helps business move forward with new investors.

The private investigator for ICS helped our client make informed decisions about their potential...

Case Study: Infidelity investigation in a Resort City Like Dubai

ICS was contacted by a Client in an attempt to verify if her spouse was engaging in acts of...

Finding Lost Family Members

A common name, and an investigators hard work reunited this family.

Infidelity in Dubai UAE Results in Private Resolution

What happened was thought to have been a secret, but their indiscretions were discovered by the...

Infidelity Leads to Discovery of Cohabitation Case Study

In the investigation of events the clients suspicion let to a more troubling discovery.

International Biological Parent Locate for Child to Make Contact

Our client located in United Kingdom needed to find biological parent located in the United...

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