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Infidelity Leads to Discovery of Cohabitation Case Study

In the investigation of events the clients suspicion let to a more troubling discovery.


Our Client is requesting a private investigation to find confirmation of her husband possibly entertaining the acts of infidelity. The client lived in one state, as the spouse was residing in another state. The client was noticing different behaviors and routines in her spouse. It was decided to conduct surveillance on the spouse for two days to obtain details of what the spouse’s activities are throughout the day. 


ICS conducted surveillance on the spouse at which time we observed an unknown vehicle at the home. This vehicle was traced backed to the spouse’s ex-wife. During our course of surveillance, based on behavior and with the ex-wife entering and exiting the home from the garage, over two days, appeared the spouse may have been co-habiting with the ex-wife, as he never mentioned her time at the home. 

Client felt this proved her intuition of his lies, as he spoke to her during our time there and never mentioned the ex-wife and claimed he was doing certain things when he was not observed to be doing during our time there.

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