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Cheating Decoy Investigations

Cheating Decoy Investigations: The trust and fabric of a relationship is destroyed by infidelity, but is it an investigation with evidence and solid proof if we “deceive the deceiver” using cheating decoys? The answer to this question is more important than you might think. Is it ethical to use cheating decoys in investigations to try and trick your partner into betraying you?

Cheating Decoy

Why you shouldn't use a Cheating Decoy for an infidelity investigation

Why do we choose not to use cheating decoys? We do not use cheating decoys for several important reasons. First, ICS has the experience to carry out our investigations in a professional, legitimate manner. We have found that using cheating decoys might create a new problem or add to an existing relationship problem in a way that degrades an already difficult situation.

It is simply unethical to try and create a “perfect situation” which might have never otherwise existed. If you suspect the party of being guilty already we are more than happy to find you the evidence you need. Our team at ICS believes it is best to investigate the person your partner is really seeing. If your partner is seeing someone, it is important for you to know who that person is so that you can take measures to protect yourself and your family. A cheating decoy may not be able to get that vital piece of information. Unlike the daytime TV shows this is your life and you cannot afford dramatic games being played which may permanently affect you and your loved ones.

What if your partner is cheating on you with someone you know? While finding out that your partner is cheating with someone you know may be embarrassing, it will be even more embarrassing if you find out six months later from now. Again, using a cheating decoy might not get you the name of whom your partner is seeing.

Cheating Decoys Do Not Give You Real Answers

ICS will track your partner using the most advanced technology and surveillance techniques through regular daily routines to find out what your partner is doing and whom your partner is meeting. This will provide you quality and timely information about your partner’s activities. A cheating decoy will only be at one place at one time.

Besides, a cheating decoy, no matter how appealing, cannot always entice a cheater. If your partner walks away from the cheating decoy, nothing has been proved except that your partner was not interested in that individual person or was unwilling to share any intimate information at that one point in time. It is more important to find the real person who is involved with your partner.

Legal issues have also influenced our decision to avoid cheating decoys. For one thing, we will not trespass or violate privacy laws in the course of our investigations. ICS obviously does not endorse law breaking by its employees. More importantly to you, ICS wants any information that we may gather to be admissible in a court of law.

In addition, what, if any, information that is gained by using a cheating decoy is determined to be entrapment in your jurisdiction? At the least, one effect of entrapment might be that none of the facts could be used to help you in court! In any case, using a cheating decoy might prove devastating to you and your case.

Infidelity is not only horrible emotionally; infidelity can cause some very serious, practical problems. If you suspect infidelity, do not wait to see what happens. It will not just “go away.” It is time to be proactive rather than reactive, time to take care of yourself rather than thinking that nothing will happen. Using International Counterintelligence Services to investigate your partner will be your first step in taking back control of your personal life.

ICS investigators are experts at catching men and women who are unfaithful to their mates. That’s why, rather than use cheating decoys, we constantly hone and refine the legitimate techniques we use in our investigations. It’s our commitment to give you the best, most effective service in the industry without ever compromising our, or your, honor or integrity.

We want you to always be able to trust ICS to do the right thing.

NOTE: We do not use cheating decoys in infidelity investigations for the reasons enumerated above. However, decoys are occasionally a part of our undercover or covert investigations if there is legitimate reason to use them. If you believe you have need of a decoy, please contact us and discuss this possibility on a case-by-case basis.


A consultation for this investigation type may request the following information:

  1. What is your relationship to the subject?
  2. How long have you been together?
  3. When was the problem first suspected?
  4. What signs of unfaithfulness have you noted? (Please check all that apply)
  5. Do you suspect who the subject may be seeing?
  6. Does the subject live with the spouse?
  7. Is the subject a Minor?
  8. Is there use of computers involved?
  9. Does the subject use IM, Chat or Email?
  10. Do you have any evidence you need tested for biological fluids?
  11. Do you have recent pictures of the subject?
  12. Do you know where the subject works?
  13. Does the subject have any vehicles?
  14. Does the subject have a propensity toward violence, physical and/or verbal?
  15. Has the subject ever been under surveillance?
  16. Do you know the dates and times that would be best to start the surveillance?
  17. What have you done on your own to this point? (This can be very critical to success)
  18. Please understand that the funding for your case may vary depending on the complexity. So that we may help you, what range of funding would you estimate to be affordable for this matter?
  19. How do you plan to use the results of the investigation if proof of cheating is discovered? Why?
  20. If you used a search engine to find us, please type the keywords here:

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