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Drone Surveillance

Yes, private investigators use drones? But what are the best drones? Thats a secret. As you read this the world of drone surveillance tasking is evolving to new heights. Drones have become quieter, stealthy, and have longer flight times making them effective tools for short burst of live team surveillance enhancement. Drones are an ICS force multiplier.

Drones are an effective tool for assisting surveillance operations, however they are not reliable for long and complex civilian surveillance assignment. Where they are effective is the collection of vital intelligence, pinpointing unknown travel paths and acting as a agent force multiplier. 

When surveillance is not necessary Drone used for arial photography to provide indisputable photographic evidence for the dinner table or the judiciary bench. When you need a drone operation ICS can place the drone finding into a report than will assist you with your case. 

ICS will continue to evaluate and consider the best drones and use our unique talent solution to place the best pilots on your assignment. 

Please contact us for capability in your area.


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