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Private Investigator and Counterintelligence Jobs

Private Investigator and Counterintelligence Jobs
Please Note: Due to the high volume of case intakes we cannot receive phone calls about current job openings and application status. Please direct questions regarding employment to our Facebook Fan Page at facebook.com/icsworld

ICS is seeking candidates for Private Investigator Jobs, Counterintelligence, Protection, Forensics, and Security Related Jobs. The ICS network is expansive. Resume and application submission is encouraged.

ICS is an equal opportunity employer. EEOE

Personal Time Off
Flextime with Telecommuting

Are you seeking a career as private investigator or a detective?  Private investigator jobs are exciting, stimulating, and in demand.

We are specialists in investigative services and private investigations.  We compensate per hour, salary, and 1099. We also offer intern positions to highly motivated candidates if you are interested in becoming an investigator.

How do I become a private investigator? Submit your resume and apply for an intern position.  It's paid, you're trained, and you can make vertical transition within our company.

Are you returning from oversees or military service, or are you retiring from law enforcement? We encourage you to apply.

Employment opportunities are listed below:

As a licensee of ICS, you will be responsible for all investigations in your area. In most cases, your territory will be the state you are currently licensed as a private investigator. However, in some instances, especially where reciprocity exists, a territory may include multiple states, or for international licensees, an entire country.

Each licensee and territory will be evaluated on an individual basis and negotiated with ICS management.

Please be aware you must be eligible for a private investigator license as a business or agency, if your state makes distinctions in their licensing between individual licenses and company licenses.

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Motivated, results-driven and versatile senior case manager/professional investigator for full time, in-house position.

Requirements of the applicant:

• Must understand technology and protocol of professional investigations
• Dependable, organized leader, deadline-oriented, able to manage under duress.
• Must be able to direct as well as take constructive criticism
• Flexible and highly adaptable, assertive, able to handle confrontation well

Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in business or comparable degree preferred
• 5 years experience in one of the following fields: Military, law enforcement, case manager or investigative lead in the public or private sectors.
• Admin/technical ability – high aptitude with computers, strong client relations background
• Familiarity with Microsoft Office, including Outlook; working knowledge of investigative software is a strong plus.
• Analytical ability in a supervisory role proven by resume experience and references

• Assigning all incoming cases to appropriate investigators, ensuring all investigations are working according to protocol
• Assessing productivity level of staff, taking corrective action as needed
• Reporting any changes in office activity and ongoing cases to company’s president
• Training all investigative, case manager, and case analyst new-hires according to company protocol and SOPs
• Implementing chain of custody and security measures to ensure clients and cases remain confidential.
• Weekly progress reports for company president
• Responsible for handling client dispute resolutions
• Fingerprinting

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All cases need a clear plan of action to be successful. Can you handle the needs of clients and be able to competently obtain detailed information and retain appropriate funding for each case? The ICS case analyst is a mission critical position. Past law enforcement recommended, but not required. This position sets the investigative requirements for many investigation cases.

New Case Development:

-Take Incoming Inquiries for Investigations Services for All Client Types
-Develops a Working Project For Each Case
-Collect or Obtain Necessary Compensation for each Case

Post Case Activities:

-Client Advocate your Project
-Seek Additional Compensation for Continuing Case Needs

You will work with ICS staff and contracted experts. This is an exciting investigations position. Especially for those that field work is no longer an option. Please apply for more details.

Full Time On-call position
Core Hours - flex-time
Intense Client Contact

Must have:


This position may have investigator license requirements in some states.

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This position is full time.

You will be responsible for generating new business for each region assigned.

You must be proficient in:

-Cold calling
-Secureing appointments
-Making presentations
-BID responses writing
-Direct mailing
-Research for lead
-Minor statistics

Types of Clients:

-Professional Corporations
-Government Agencies
-Specifically Insurance Companies

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Are you fresh out of school? Or the Service? Looking for a new career path?

We have are seeking extremely motivated and enthusiastic applicants.

--or maybe--

Are you a current investigator, Intern or Trainee?: (If you have minimal hours please apply as an intern)

Has your development stopped and the companies you work for just hope you get the job done? Let's put the best in resources and training to work for you. This is a real on the job training program and dedicated management staff will get you the time and the training you need.


We offer:

Exposure to more than 100 types of cases
A real on the job training program (OJT)
Education benefits
and more...

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Qualified Party Manager Job Description:

Are you an experienced private investigator? Are you able to be qualified by the state? Are you ready to be responsible for other private investigators? We will grant all fees to cover start-up expenses.

We are looking to employ qualified parties for our extended practice.

This job offer is very restricted; however we offer many types of employment, travel, and relocation options.

In this position you will observe, audit, and verify the work of other private investigators to ensure our requirements of quality, professionalism, jurisdiction, and competency are enforced.


* Previous investigative experience in law enforcement, military, fraud prevention, or current investigations.
* Must be able to be bonded and insured.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
* Strong analytical skills are a must. Strong PC skills required.

A bachelor's degree preferred or the equivalent in law enforcement.

Requires a detail oriented, independent thinker with multi-tasking skills.

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Private Investigator Job Description:

[Are you an experienced private investigator? We are looking to employ investigators in all experience types for our high growth company.]

This job offer is not restricted. We offer many types of employment, travel, and relocation options.

Must be able to conduct personal interviews with subjects (in covert and overt manners), interview neighbors, coworkers, friends and family. Perform record searches with police departments, courthouses, education facilities, financial institutions, medical providers, and mental health facilities. Conduct surveillance for long periods of time. Work with other highly motivated investigators. Be supervised by ICS selected senior investigators and case managers. Work with a consultant in the recommendation of case planning.


* Previous investigative experience in law enforcement, military, fraud prevention, or current investigations.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
* Strong analytical skills are a must. Strong PC skills required.

Requires a detail oriented, independent thinker with multi-tasking skills.

Desired Skills:

Knowledge of the UCC and criminal code. A bachelor's degree preferred or the equivalent law enforcement experience.

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Independent Contractor or Sub-Contractor for ICS:

Are you a private investigator and want to be an ICS independent or sub-contractor?

We believe in a policy of earned trust and mutual respect. This policy is apparent with our success, much of which is due to the people in our industry who we work with. ICS is one of our industries fastest growing agencies and as part of this growth we have an abundance of business for sub-contractors and independent contractors.

We can offer assistance with Private Investigator Licensing, Franchising, and business Start-Up Assistance:

* Utilize over 40 years of Business Experience
* Gain Proper Training
* Have a Corporate Sales Team ready assist you with Large Accounts
* Get a New Competitive Edge
* Join a Team of Like Minded Professionals
* Professionally Expand Service Offerings
* Collect Higher Revenue
* Gain Advertising Training
* Participate in Professional New Business Training
* Gain Testing Marketing Expertise
* End the Game of Trial and Error
* Stay Your Own Boss!

Please fill out the application for this offer.

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ICS is seeking experts in surveillance for all types of cases.

Surveillance Investigator Job Description:


Must be familiar with needs for insurance claims
Must have vehicle in good operating condition
Must be able to track and follow subjects in a covert manner
Must be efficient in all types of surveillance equipment and be able to capture candid records of activity.

This position is open to independent-contractors.

Past law-enforcement a plus.

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ICS is currently looking for Public Records and Background Researchers! Duties will include:

* Assist investigator's in various cases
* Conduct various searches for employee screening such as credit, criminal backgrounds checks
* Visit Public Records Repositories
* Search Court Records
* Report and Assist in the Location of Subjects with Wants and Warrants

Seeking a mature individual with a STRONG WORK ETHIC!!

Must have:

- Must be able to pass a strict background check
- General knowledge of computers (Word, Excel, Goldmine, etc...)
- Strong initiative
- Desire to excel

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Have you performed a polygraph? Do you know what the major types of equipment are and how to use them? This position offers highly specialized and technical work in conducting polygraph examinations. ICS is looking for examiners to serve our clients needs for pre-employment screening, workplace issues, personal needs investigations, and more.

We will train and pay for schooling for the right candidate.

We have several placements worldwide open.

Modern computerized equipment. Must maintain polygraph equipment including calibration on a regular basis.

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Seeking freelance on assignment professionals to register with ICS.

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Are you living at the courts from 8-5 all day just to make ends meet?

We offer real employment, for your accountability and experience we offer full time wages and benefits.

We need smart and dedicated people who know how to navigate the court system.

This is a telecommuting job. You may work from home. If required in your state we will also license you.

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Pre-Employment Screening Specialist

For almost four decades ICS has provided reliable pre-employment screening.

This job offers both full-time and part-time positions.

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Selling private investigations and security services:

We have independent contractor and full-time employment positions available.

Territory Protection

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Primary Responsibility:
To utilize computer forensic tools and techniques to investigate computers or data equipment such as home computers, laptops, servers, or office workstations to determine if the equipment has been used for illegal, unauthorized or unusual activities per the client?s request. This may also be done to monitor a network for the same purpose.

- Eligible to be licensed and bonded as a private investigator

Duties and Responsibilities:
- Analysis of computers or electronic devices
- Utilize Computer Forensic software and hardware tools to gather information
- Report findings (complete documentation)
- Track inventory
- Complete purchase orders
- Pursue training opportunities
- Further or enhance computer forensic procedures
- Assist Case Analysts with consultations with Computer Forensic cases
- Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
- Excellent written and oral communication skills
- Ability to learn and adapt to new technology quickly
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
- Knowledge and understanding of operating systems, such as Windows OS and Unix (Linux). Helpful if MAC or OS/2 is also familiar.
- Basic understanding of DOS (MS DOS) and UNIX commands
- Knowledge and understanding of storage devices
- Knowledge and understanding of virus software, such as key loggers, spyware, phishing and Trojans.
- Knowledge and understanding of Anti-Virus solutions
- Knowledge and understanding of how to locate and read logs within computer system
- Knowledge and understanding of Computer File structures (NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, etc)
- Knowledge and understanding of networking, routing, communication protocols and security
- Knowledge and understanding of programming languages and software applications
- Knowledge and understanding of investigative techniques
- Knowledge, understanding or ability to learn quickly, Computer Forensic tools, such as password crackers, email converters and forensic toolkits such as EnCase and accessing data with Forensic Tool Kit (FTK)

Working Conditions and Physical Demands:
- Basic office setting
- Must be able to access, remove and replace hard drives within desktop computers as well as laptops
- Must be able to lift at least fifty pounds (50 lbs)
- Must be able to bend down and reach up to access equipment, etc
- Must be able to go onsite and remove a computer system from a location

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Bodyguard Job Description:

High Level of Travel
Passport in Good Standing

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Eavesdropping Detection Specialist Description:

High Level of Travel
Passport in Good Standing

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Crime Scene Investigator Description:

Conduct routine to complex and diversified Crime Scene investigations for ICS clients globally.

Determines best course of action from formulated investigative responses.

May participate in the development of case action planning. Analyzes, evaluates, and makes recommendations to action planners.

* Leads investigative related teams and department related special projects.
* Provide consultation and guidance to other management on investigative related issues.
* Identifies significant issues and controls weaknesses, and makes recommendations.
* Prepares reports for management.
* Provides direction and technical guidance to less experienced investigators.
* Will coordinate activities of multiple investigators on complex investigations.
* May assist in recruiting


* Previous investigative experience in law enforcement, military, fraud prevention, or current investigations.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
* Strong analytical skills a must. Strong PC skills required.
* Previous Crime Scene Investigations skills a must.

Requires a detail oriented, independent thinker with multi-tasking skills.

Desired Skills:

Knowledge of the UCC and criminal code. A bachelor's degree preferred or the equivalent law enforcement.

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Position Summary:

Preparation of client invoices using a Quickbooks enterprise edition billing system. This position will work closely with case managers, investigators and other personnel to provide accounting support involving the preparation, delivery, and collection of client invoices.

Invoice preparation includes a detailed analysis of project costs to ensure contract terms are interpreted correctly for the proper handling and recording of costs and revenue through all accounting systems. Perform adjustments/recycles of labor and non-labor costs. Reconcile all billing related accounts for assigned projects and apply payments from retainers accordingly.

Position Skills:

The proficiency levels range from lowest to highest: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert

Office Automation Skills | Microsoft Word | Intermediate
Office Automation Skills | Quickbooks Enterprise Edition | Intermediate

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