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Adultery Violated the Law Michigan

Michigan Adultery Law clearly defines Adultery as a crime in its penal code.

See the following case types for more information:

Adultery or Infidelity Investigations Marital

Adultery or Infidelity Investigations (Marital): Suspecting your mate of having an affair can be...

Unfaithful or Cheating Partner

Unfaithful or Cheating Partner: Is your partner acting suspiciously, keeping inexplicable hours,...

Adopted Child Locate Investigation

Adopted Child Locate Investigation: Birth parents searching for their adopted children can be...

Cheating Decoy Investigations

Cheating Decoy Investigations: The trust and fabric of a relationship is destroyed by infidelity,...

Divorce Investigation

Divorce Investigation: When you're faced with divorce leave nothing to chance-- they are...

Cohabitation Investigation

When proof of cohabitation is needed our method of approach can identify: periods of time that...

Spousal Maintenance or Alimony Modification

Spousal Maintenance: Adding insult to injury, many spouses refuse to pay the amount of alimony or...

Domestic Investigations

Domestic Investigations: Are you concerned about your personal security or safety? Are you...

See the following client types for more information:

Individual Clients for Spousal or Matrimonial Investigations

Individual Clients for Spousal or Matrimonial Investigations: Whatever your worries are in your...

Individual Clients for Private Investigations

Individual Clients for Private Investigations: It's all about you at ICS.

Attorneys and Legal Services

Attorneys and Legal Services with ICS. We have been laying down the law since 1967.

Security and Investigation Professionals

Our investigative company has been providing security and investigation professionals with help...

Law Enforcement Specific

Law Enforcement-Specific: ICS is your greatest ally.

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