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Individual Clients for Spousal or Matrimonial Investigations: Whatever your worries are in your suspicions, whatever you must know, we can help. Matrimonial or Marital Investigation Services.

We know what you are looking for-- you want a private investigator that has the professionalism and the global reach the get the job done. ICS has in its employ some of the most well recognized agents in the industry. These men and women work for us in a professional employment and contract manner to ensure you are getting good investigations with reduced liability.

Trained and licensed marital private investigators that specialize in matrimonial investigations and matters surrounding the family are rare. It requires a compassionate staff and a team that truly understands discretion. 

First - we employ compassion and availability, we are here for you through the entire process

  • Your will be assigned a Case Analyst and you case will be managed by a Case Manager
  • Your Case Analyst will then become your Client Advocate, they speak up to ensure your voice is heard
  • The Field Investigators NEVER know who you are unless critical to the case

Second - Nobody works your case that does not have either the aptitude or the capability.

  • In the field the investigator is hand-picked and totally dedicated. They are in the feild dedicated to you, not worried about other business.
  • ICS agents are intensely bound to performance. Results are job one (this means you have to trust in the findings - good or bad)

Finally - when all is said and done, we are not. We will remain available to you throughout the entire process.

  • So the report is in the mail, now what? ICS spousal private investigators know that this is a critical time for you and we stand at your side.
  • We can and will confront your spouse with you. This is not a TV show, but real life. Trust our experts.

Whatever your worries or your suspicions, whatever you must know, we can help.

Since 1967, we have helped married clients make better and more informed decisions.

Sometimes called domestic cases, cases for this client type can sometimes become civil. We have a long history of consistently getting the positive results that you seek. In these past 41 years, we have only made the facts our mission, and delivering them to you our passion.

Thank you for your trust in the team as ICS and our Marital Private Investigators.

What we expect from our clients:

  1. Please be truthful with us and upfront.  The more accurate information you provide us with improves our chances of success.  We also would like you to notify us if anything in the case changes during the investigation.
  2. We ask that you provide us with your current contact information. This includes your current mailing address, telephone number, and email address. This lets us know where you are in case we need to immediately get a hold of you during your investigation.
  3. We would like you to provide us with documentation and authorizations when we request them.
  4. We ask that you do not interfere with the services performed by our investigators and other company employees.
  5. We ask that you keep the product or results of your services confidential, and in no circumstances may you use the product or results for criminal or illegal purposes.
  6. We request that you pay all invoices for fees and costs submitted by us.

Recent Investigation Inquiries

Origin Investigation Location
lynchburg, Virginia United States
KAHAHUI, Hawaii United States
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Canada
Waldorf, Maryland United States
sarasota, Florida
ARVADA, Colorado United States
Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada Canada
San Diego, California Korea, Republic of
Riverside, California United States
UNIVERSITY PLACE, Washington United States

Case Studies: Spousal or Matrimonial

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A relationship developed between a married man and an escort. He decided to leave his wife, and...

Pre maritial Background Check Case Study

Pre-martial Background Check: A retired investigator contracts with ICS to do a background check...

Records Search for Retired Private Investigator Case Study

A retired private investigator contacted International Counterintelligence Service Inc. in need...

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What happened was thought to have been a secret, but their indiscretions were discovered by the...

Infidelity Leads to Discovery of Cohabitation Case Study

In the investigation of events the clients suspicion let to a more troubling discovery.

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