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Case Study Discovery of Cohabitation to Nulify Alimony Order

Entitled to several thousands of dollars per month in alimony payments so long as he was not cohabitating with anyone was nullified with the help of ICS and our Cohabitation Investigation.

With the assistance of her Attorney, a Physician had sought modification to a lifelong alimony judgment to no avail. Her ex-husband, the Subject of the investigation, was entitled to several thousands of dollars per month in alimony payments so long as he was not cohabitating with anyone. There were strong suspicions the Subject was in fact involved in a relationship and had been residing with the individual for several years.

The Client had very limited information about the Subject’s exact whereabouts. Many sophisticated efforts of location concealment were exercised by the Subject with an absolute disregard for mandates outlined in the divorce settlement.

Utilizing our vast global network of skilled investigators and latest database technology, ICS was able to locate the Subject within days of being retained. An immediate surveillance plan was implemented which yielded photographic proof of the Subject residing with a female. Additionally, ICS agents were able to obtain historical evidence which demonstrated when the cohabitation began.

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