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Alimony and Disability Fraud with Surveillance Case Study

When couples divorce, tensions rise when it comes to the allocation of alimony. Imagine this...A man divorces his wife and is ordered by the court to pay a large amount of alimony because the wife claims to be disabled. She claims she is disabled because she is now blind. The client wanted to disprove the wife’s claim by having documented proof that she is not in fact blind, and is quite capable of obtaining gainful employment.


The client contacted ICS with objectives already in mind. The client wanted video documentation of his wife at a specific event, engaging in any activities that would help substantiate that her disability claim was a farce. The client also wanted documentation to verify if the subject was involved in a relationship with a man.

The Case Analyst and the client determined that the most prudent course of action would be to conduct surveillance. The client already knew that the subject would be attending a Gaelic festival, which provided the perfect cover for surveillance.

The surveillance began with the private investigator arriving at the subject’s home in the early morning hours. The private investigator positioned himself with enough distance between himself and the residence to be unseen but also keep the subject in sight. After a few hours of waiting, the investigator watched the subject emerge from the home and begin loading boxes into a trailer. She was then seen taking out the garbage. These two strenuous activities would be difficult for a blind person to achieve.

The subject later emerged from the residence with an unidentified male and a teenage girl, who was presumed to be her daughter. They entered the vehicle en route to the festival, with the investigator at a comfortable pace behind the subject. Upon entering the festival, the investigator was able to document the subject reading, drinking, dancing, and shopping. All of these activities were captured on video.


The husband was able to provide the court with documentation that supported his petition to reduce the amount of alimony to his wife based on her disability fraud. The wife’s activities were clearly not those of a blind person, and it appears clear that she is quite able to seek gainful employment.

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