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Case Study of Stalking and Harassment of a Female Medical Professional

Imagine you worked your whole life to become something. You wanted to help other people who had emotional difficulties, so you become a mental health therapist. Your intentions were to help people that suffered emotional hurt. Then things went haywire: a practicing therapist became the subject of a client’s twisted obsession.


Imagine you worked your whole life to become something. You wanted to help other people who had emotional difficulties, so you become a mental health therapist. Your intentions were to help people that suffered emotional hurt. Then things went haywire: a practicing therapist became the subject of a client’s twisted obsession. The subject was obsessed with his therapist and began to relentlessly phone her, pledging his love to her. The client told the subject that his behavior was inappropriate and it would be a violation of her ethical standards to engage in any such relationship other than therapeutic. She asked him to please stop the phone calls, and she terminated him as a patient.

The subject retaliated by obtaining her home phone number and harassing her. He would say things to the client such as, “You can run but you can’t hide,” and, “Wait for pay backs.” The client pleaded for him to stop his obsessive harassment. The subject threatened to turn her in to the state licensing board, and “ruin her life.” The client was scared – scared of her stalker and scared of losing the license she worked so hard for. The client rationalized that these were the ravings of a mentally unstable person, and that his threats would carry no weight; after all, she knew that truth and justice would prevail for honest persons. The subject pursued the client with threats and persistent harassment, and still she did not take action. Two years of sporadic harassment passed, and then her worst nightmare came true. The subject filed a complaint with the board of Behavioral Health and a lawsuit with the therapist’s former employer. The client was faced with permanent revocation of her license.

The client could not believe her worst fears, or that the board of behavioral health would consider such an unsubstantiated allegation. She was paralyzed with fear of the outcome. The client called ICS and discussed her dilemma with the Case Analyst to ascertain if anything could be done to help her protect her integrity and her career against a crazed ex-patient. The Case Analyst determined that most effective way to fight these false allegations was to discredit the subject. The client provided the case analyst with some pertinent information, such as the subject’s propensity for violence and prior frivolous lawsuits. The immediate goal of the case analyst was to ascertain what level of danger the client could be in. ICS’s objective was to locate any and all records that would help substantiate the client’s claims that this was a frivolous, malicious allegation, made in a desperate attempt by an unstable individual to harm his victim. Exhaustive criminal and civil background investigations were conducted. Again, the case analyst determined that the best course of action would be to locate any history of frivolous lawsuits, stalking or harassment. The subject was confirmed to have a lengthy criminal and civil history. In fact, the subject made a living from suing people. Furthermore, the client was prone to violence, evidenced by his criminal record of numerous assault charges.


Our client did not lose her license. ICS provided the client with enough information during the investigation that her attorney could build a strong case against her stalker and take the complaint to police. That is where our job ended and their job began.

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