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Hotel, Bar or Restaurant Specific

Hotel, Bar, or Restaurant-Specific: ICS helps keep the hospitality industry hospitable and secure.

Do you keep hiring people who turn out to be unreliable? Is your establishment plagued by vandals? Are you hosting an important function that you need to keep secure? Turn to ICS to resolve your questions and solve your problems. We offer investigation and security services, including (but not limited to) pre-employment screening, personal protection, along with surveillance and sting operations. If you need a solution, ICS is the company to turn to.

When people in the hotel, bar, or restaurant industry need help with an investigation, they know that we can be the company to turn to.  We have worked in investigations on halting union strikes to even employee screening and background checks.  We can accomplish it all for you.

Since 1967 our investigation company has been helping people just like you.  We make it a point to guarantee excellent service with real results to everyone of our clients.

Recent Investigation Inquiries

Origin Investigation Location
WINNIPEG , Manitoba, Canada Canada
Fremont, California China
LATHROP , California Sierra Leone
Burlington, North Carolina United States
LOS ANGELES , California Slovenia
FORT COLLINS , Colorado Colorado
Wesley Chapel, Florida Puerto Rico
Bristol, Tennessee United States
BRISTOL, Tennessee United States
East meadow, New York United States

Case Studies: Hotel, Bar or Restaurant Specific

Business Background Checks for New Employees or Possible Business Partners

Conducting a due diligence investigation provides a business with a complete history of a subject...

Business Owner Investigates Internal Employee Theft Case Study

The owner of a franchise chain restaurant discovered that over $13,000 in deposits were...

Case Study of Stalking and Harassment of a Female Medical Professional

Imagine you worked your whole life to become something. You wanted to help other people who had...

Cell Phone Spyware Discovered

When Jane, a middle-aged woman, began to have marital problems she suspected that her husband...

Computer Forensics Overview Case Study

Computer Forensics: When looking at the bigger picture of the computer forensics investigation...

Counter Surveillance of Disability Fraud Investigation Case Study

A client won a lawsuit from a large corporation that resulted in her receiving disability...

Email Infidelity in a Computer Forensics Investigation Case Study

Email Infidelity in a Computer Forensics Investigation: The boyfriend was very emotional at the...

Employer Conducted Illegal Espionage on Employee, Discovered by Computer Forensics

A prominent businessman from a large corporation had given notice of resignation from his...

Forensic Surface Drug Testing Case Study

ICS is a highly specialized drug testing company that provides forensic surface drug testing in...

Graphic Content in a Computer Forensics Investigation Case Study

Out of curiosity, a wife of 10 years decided to look to see what was on her husbands computer....

Cafishing for a Job

Through a comprehensive investigation we were able to determine the identify of the material...

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