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Cafishing for a Job

Through a comprehensive investigation we were able to determine the identify of the material persona used for a catfishing attempt ending the case affordable and sensibly.


Our Client was requesting to obtain the identity of a Subject attempting to contact her through a Canadian career networking site, but using it as a dating site rather, appearing as a catfishing case to the client.  She requested ICS to help identify who this person may be or possibly identify the person in the photos that were used in this catfishing scam.


ICS completed a comprehensive search in attempt to locate the subject, which appeared to be of no results.  However, ICS was in fact able to identify the individual in the photos the scammer was using, posing as himself. The subject in the photo appeared to be a Criminal Attorney in the states and with public information provided, the client was able to at the least notify the subject in the photos that his identify was being used in a catfish scam.

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