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Financial Services Industry

In capitalism you'll find the financial service industry. With ICS you'll find answers.

Financial services are a driven industry with a very pure essence.  The goal is always to be efficient and maximize your customers' profitability. ICS is one of the very few firms that can match up to such demanding standards.

In the financial industry it is always important to get the right facts.  It is all about the correct information and numbers.  It is always recommended to get a free consultation with one of our highly trained private investigators before moving forward on any investigation.  We make sure the job is done quickly and accurately.

Whether you require pre-employment screening, forensic accounting, or some more esoteric resolution to your company's needs, ICS always gets the job done.

Recent Investigation Inquiries

Origin Investigation Location
SUN CITY , Iowa United States
Chicago, Illinois United States
Springhill, Florida United States
Houston, Texas United States
RALEIGH, North Carolina Virginia
WILMINGTON , Delaware United States
ROSEMARY BEACH, Florida United States
Remind, Florida United States
Welland, Ontario, Canada Florida
Manning, South Carolina United States

Case Studies: Financial Services Industry

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A client called ICS to perform due diligence on a man who he was thinking of becoming business...

Business Background Checks for New Employees or Possible Business Partners

Conducting a due diligence investigation provides a business with a complete history of a subject...

Case Study of Stalking and Harassment of a Female Medical Professional

Imagine you worked your whole life to become something. You wanted to help other people who had...

Cell Phone Spyware Discovered

When Jane, a middle-aged woman, began to have marital problems she suspected that her husband...

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Computer Forensics: When looking at the bigger picture of the computer forensics investigation...

Counter Surveillance of Disability Fraud Investigation Case Study

A client won a lawsuit from a large corporation that resulted in her receiving disability...

Email Harassment in Business

Do not let email harassment infringe upon your life. If you are being victimized by email...

Email Infidelity in a Computer Forensics Investigation Case Study

Email Infidelity in a Computer Forensics Investigation: The boyfriend was very emotional at the...

Employer Conducted Illegal Espionage on Employee, Discovered by Computer Forensics

A prominent businessman from a large corporation had given notice of resignation from his...

Forensic Surface Drug Testing Case Study

ICS is a highly specialized drug testing company that provides forensic surface drug testing in...

Graphic Content in a Computer Forensics Investigation Case Study

Out of curiosity, a wife of 10 years decided to look to see what was on her husbands computer....

Cafishing for a Job

Through a comprehensive investigation we were able to determine the identify of the material...

Case Study: Due Diligence investigation helps business move forward with new investors.

The private investigator for ICS helped our client make informed decisions about their potential...

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