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International Due Diligence Case Study

A client called ICS to perform due diligence on a man who he was thinking of becoming business partners with. The client wanted to make sure that all of the financial and personal information the man had provided him was factually accurate before he started to put time and money into this new business venture.


A client called ICS to perform due diligence on a man who he was thinking of becoming business partners with.  The client wanted to make sure that all of the financial and personal information the man had provided him was factually accurate before he started to put time and money into this new business venture.  The Subject had given his consent to the Client to conduct the investigation, but we were asked to be sensitive to the privacy of the Subject and to make every effort to be as discreet as possible.

ICS reviewed the information that was provided, and decided to start with a complete background investigation and informational search on the Subject in the two countries he was known to have lived. Once the information was collected, a report would be given to the Client listing all of the Subject’s financial, employment, educational, personal, civil and criminal data that was obtained.  Due to the sensitive nature of this case, ICS was prepared to forego obtaining any piece of information if it meant revealing anything about the Subject or the nature of the investigation.


According to the client, the Subject was born and raised in Turkey, so ICS used a local investigator to collect Intel in that country, and another investigator in Dubai, where the Subject currently lived and worked.  

The Investigator in Dubai visited the subject’s residence directly for verification. The door was answered by a house keeper who confirmed the house was owned and occupied by the Subject. He was unable to acquire information on any additional property ownership in the UAE as Information in Dubai is not made available to the public. Investigators must have sources to obtain this information discreetly.

The investigator then proceeded to the Subject’s place of employment.  The Client said the Subject claimed to own the company and was the current President. A woman at the reception desk verified this to be true and the investigator left.  Throughout the rest of the investigation, the Investigator was able to obtain information on the Subject’s bank accounts of which he found two with sizeable balances. He conducted searches for bankruptcy/insolvency/judgements as well as ties to political groups but nothing was found. The only other document that could be verified was confirmation from his contact in Immigration that the passport of the Subject was valid and had been used to enter the UAE. The investigator also made an inquiry to his police contact to locate any criminal or civil records, but none were found.  

The investigator in Turkey was unable to acquire any information about the Subject, other than a closed bank account.

The results of the investigation were given to the Client. Although not all information claimed by the Subject could be verified due to strict privacy laws in the UAE and Turkey, the data that was obtained did match what the Subject had revealed to the Client previously. This made the Client more comfortable in his decision of whether or not to move forward with the business partnership.

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