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Email Harassment in Business

Do not let email harassment infringe upon your life. If you are being victimized by email harassment and threats, call ICS or contact us online to begin your Internet related investigation.


There is no doubt that email has become one of the most heavily used electronic tools of the last decade. Many people, especially those who work in business or own a company, send and receive in excess of 100 emails every day. For them, email is essential for getting things done, and they rely heavily on the ability to access, read, and send emails without being bothered by spam mail or other nuisances. When an email account get hacked, spammed, or used as a means of threatening or harassing, it can be extremely disruptive to business and life in general. Private investigators handle these kinds of cases on a daily basis, helping clients reclaim their email by finding the source of the problem.

ICS recently solved an email harassment case, in which a man had been receiving threats and being harassed through his email account. The man ran a business and was dependent upon his email to conduct business, fill orders, and send invoices. The threatening emails had begun to disrupt his ability to efficiently run his business, so he came to ICS to begin a private investigation for email harassment. ICS was asked to find out who was sending the emails, with the goal of stopping any future harassment from the sender.


Once hired by the businessman, ICS worked on investigating the activity and content of the threatening and harassing emails being sent. The emails had all come from one yahoo email account and ICS walked the client through the simple process of extracting the email header over the phone. An email header contains electronic data about the sender, their IP address, the route the email took, and the receiver. By having the client extract this information himself, the client was able keep his email password private. The client had limited computer skills, but this posed no problem as ICS helped him successfully pull the email header in only a few minutes.

Once the header was extracted, ICS identified and traced the originating IP address. The trace led ICS private investigators to a physical address in a different town. All pertinent information gathered during the investigation was reported and delivered to the client in a timely and accountable manner. With the information learned through his private investigation with ICS, the client was able to send a demand letter to the mailing address attached to the IP address. The letter stated that the client would press charges and file for a restraining order if the emails did not stop. Shortly after sending the letter, the client stopped receiving threatening, harassing emails.

What to do Next

Do not let email harassment infringe upon your life. If you are being victimized by email harassment and threats, call ICS or contact us online to begin your Internet related investigation. ICS accepts a wide variety of Internet cases, such as:

  • Harassments, threats, or blackmail through any internet source, including email, social networking, or blog sites
  • Internet slander and libel cases
  • Internet related espionage, sabotage, or GPS tracking

Starting a private investigation with ICS is often the first step to reclaiming your email account and putting an end to Internet harassment. ICS holds all of our private investigators to strict industry standards in order to provide you with a timely, efficient, and confidential investigation. Begin your Internet private investigation today by calling ICS Toll Free at (800) 828-9198 or by contacting us online to start your free consultation.

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