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Records Search for Retired Private Investigator Case Study

A retired private investigator contacted International Counterintelligence Service Inc. in need of their professional assistance. He had been in the investigations business for close to forty years and his insight was telling him that something was awry with a woman he had recently been in a relationship with. He needed an extensive background investigation done on the woman he was dating.


His instincts led him to International Counterintelligence Service Inc. because of the company’s dedication to service and preservation of confidentiality. The client spoke with one of ICS’s professionally trained Case Analysts and was very specific in what information he wanted to acquire. He wanted International Counterintelligence Service to determine if the subject had any criminal or civil records

Once the case manager and the case analyst at ICS prepared the proper action plan for the client the investigation was under way. The investigator at ICS performed the initial background search for civil and criminal records search, but did not produce anything of substance. However, the tenacious investigator continued to search the counties that were provided by the client for possible leads as to any background that would indicate unsavory behavior. That tenacity of the International Counterintelligence private investigator paid off, as multiple civil and criminal records search were located in the depths of the county system.


The results of the records search background investigation were given to the client, and even though he was disappointed that his new flame was less than honest about her history, he was very grateful for the dedication and hard work the team at International Counterintelligence Services had provided him. Now that the client has the irrefutable proof of the subject’s history, he will no longer continue to engage in the relationship. Searching in a number of counties. Furthermore, the client wanted ICS to conduct the search with all possible names such as her married name, maiden name and aliases. The client wanted every level of the court system exhausted in order to determine the accuracy of any possible histories that would be located.

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You may be facing a similar circumstance, we offer free consultations for all clients and their cases. No case is too big or too small, too complex or too easy. We will work for you and get you the same results. Call us 24 hours a day and all holidays at (800) 828-9198 or online today.

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