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Welfare Check Case Study

If someone is in a relationship with an abusive partner, we are sometimes contacted by a client that is concerned about that person's welfare. The result? A Welfare Check is conducted. This is a case study detailing what happens when a welfare check is done right and illustrates what can happen when the results line up favorably for a Client.


A Client of ours who had been communicating with an old schoolmate via Facebook became concerned when she had not heard from her friend in over a month. The friend lived in another state and was in a relationship with a man who had a past history of domestic violence. The Client wanted us to locate her friend and pass on a note to her. In addition, the Client wanted to make sure she was OK, not injured and to let her know that she was available if her friend ever needed help.

ICS suggested the best course of action would be to conduct surveillance at the Subject's residence, and attempt to get the Subject to answer the door to deliver the message.

Details of the Case:

The investigator arrived in the Subject’s neighborhood in the early morning hours and gained entrance to the gated community. He observed two vehicles parked in the driveway of the subject’s residence. Shortly after, the Subject came outside to dispose of garbage. It was unknown if the Subject’s partner was home or inside at this time so the investigator thought it would be best to hold off on making contact.

Around 8 AM the following morning, the investigator attempted to enter the community but the gate was closed. He went to the security guard on pretext that he was a yard maintenance worker, and security let him through the gate. After about an hour, both the Subject and a male walked out of the house. They hugged and the male got into one of the vehicles and drove away.

The Investigator walked to the house and rang the doorbell. Not before long, the Subject answered. The Investigator identified himself and relayed the Client's message. Discreet photos were taken of the Subject during this conversation. She told the Investigator that she was OK and that things were going well and she didn't feel like she was in harm’s way by her boyfriend at all. She further stated that she hadn’t been on Facebook because of her busy schedule, but advised the investigator that she would make contact with the Client to let her know she was doing well.   


The resulting report and photo evidence were both sent to the Client, who was delighted that her friend was doing fine and that she looked healthy and well in the photos.

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