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Case Study: Data Recovery on a Cell Phone

Have you been a victim of an affair and want to know what’s on your significant other’s phone? This case study shows you what ICS is capable of when it comes to data recovery.

Background of the Case

Our Client was a victim of an affair but she already knew about her husband’s infidelity and simply wanted to see the texts and evidence for herself. While the husband was away her plan was to send the phone to our lab for data recovery (a process that typically takes 7-10 days to complete but is sometimes sooner). The particular phone analyzed in this case was a Samsung Galaxy S4 but all types of phones can be analyzed at ICS approved labs. Time was of the essence for our Client, who wanted the delivery of the phone as soon as possible. Because of this we encouraged our Client to ship the device directly to the IT Lab and for the Client to provide the method of shipment and tracking information to speed along the process.


After the Galaxy S4 cellular device was analyzed at our lab, the Client quickly received an extensive report that detailed all previous text messages, pictures and videos downloaded, as well as call logs, many of which pertained to the affair in question. All of this information had occurred between the years of 2014-2016. Our Client received the cell phone back in record time to avoid the husband noticing that the phone was missing. 

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