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Client Reunites With Lost Girlfriend

An ICS Client had lost contact with a girlfriend he was seeing 10 years ago. His recent ex-girlfriend forbid him to talk to this girl while the two of them were dating. He had since forgotten her last name or contact information. He only had a first name, a 5 year window of graduation from a business school in Africa and an area of possible business interest for the girl. The client wanted ICS to find the girl and get him in contact with her.

For the first order of business, ICS private investigators cross referenced the name of the long lost girlfriend with school information, towns around the school and the area of business interest. The girl was found to be living in the United States and was employed by a fortune 500 company based out of California. The client was beside himself. Contact was made with the girl through a coworker to verify who she was. It was indeed her. The client had been searching for her for more than two years before hiring ICS.

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