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Hidden Asset Search Investigation of an Ex Husband

A vengeful ex-husband began a crusade to verbally ruin his wife. He was able to manipulate friends, family, lawyers and the court to believe that his lies were truth. He claimed that he was unable to pay child support or alimony because he only worked two days a week. The client found that hard to believe, and wanted to prove that he was working full-time and had the financial means to fulfill his familial obligations.


The wife contacted ICS in a desperate attempt to prove he was lying, and to make him legally accountable in fulfilling his financial obligations. The client spoke to a case analyst during a free consultation to learn if anything could be done. The case analyst concluded that one of the ways to approach this case would be to conduct a hidden asset search investigation.

A hidden asset search investigation can include property, vehicles, boats, aircraft, businesses and banks. The process involves conducting inquiries to discover the current assets a subject may have. Through extensive research, ICS was able to conclude that the subject was in fact only working two days per week. It was alleged that the subject could be making extra money on the side by working jobs that were paid under the table, but based on the information that was gathered by the investigator, there was no indication that he was in fact making more money than he had disclosed.


ICS was able to provide information that did not support the client’s claim that the husband was hiding money. The investigation did, however, give the client peace of mind that her ex-husband was being truthful about this matter.

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