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International Biological Parent Locate for Child to Make Contact

Our client located in United Kingdom needed to find biological parent located in the United States of America.


Our Client was requesting to obtain the location of a male Subject, she believed to be her biological father and upon locating him, deliver information to him regarding the purpose of her contact.  Prior to ICS, the client had conducted some social media searches, based on the information that was given to her by her mother, along with an old photo of the subject.  With this information ICS completed additional research and was able to locate the last known whereabouts of the subject.


ICS was subsequently able to locate the father and deliver the package to him, with the information from the client, discreetly, as requested.   Approximately one week later, the client contacted ICS and informed, the subject got in touch with her, they were in communication and they were making plans to meet.  Client further expressed it was going very well and “I can't thank you enough!”

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