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Comprehensive Background Check, Due Diligence Investigation of a Business and its Owner

Business owners will find this case study of special interest to them. Our client was currently contemplating investing in a hospitality company and wanted the company vetted to ensure this firm was legitimate, and he also wanted the CEO of the company investigated to ensure he would be an honest and reliable business partner. ICS has done this type of due diligence investigation/ background check investigation in the past with a high rate of success.

Summary of the Case:

This was a two pronged investigation that required two types of comprehensive background checks. One was a basic background check on the CEO of the company in question, which qualifies as an individual background check. What we did here was look for any civil filings, bankruptcies or complaints as well as social media information of the Subject. Another background check was conducted of the business in question. What was included in this search was a look at customer complaints and business affiliations. Our investigator also made a visit to the physical site of the business and took photographic evidence to make sure everything was as it should be.

What We Found During the Investigation:

For the physical search of the business our investigator indicated the location he checked appeared to be in good working order and a good location for a Café. The Client was very interested in this part of the investigation because the Café factor was important to him and crucial for the business. Our investigator checked certain details about the location such as was there evidence of heavy foot traffic and were there abundant residences in the area: there were. There was also a university nearby. All these factors helped our Client put his mind at ease that the location was satisfactory for his business goals.

Next, our investigators conducted a standard background check of the Subject for any judgments, criminal charges or bad publicity that may be attached to the person’s name. The Subject came up completely clean. For good measure, we also checked the social media accounts associated with the Subject, as well as any media articles written about the person. We found a number of good reviews, which made our Client even happier.

For the company search, business affiliations were checked.  The final list included 30 businesses; a very strong showing. Our investigator contacted each company and we confirmed that each company currently has a good standing with the Subject and the Subject’s business. We also scoured the internet for complaints related to the Company.


Both the Subject and his business were 100 percent above board and aligned with our Client’s business goals. Our client was thrilled with our results and he now had the peace of mind that he needed and the confidence in knowing that he was doing the right thing for his business. Find out how ICS can help you by giving us a call at 800 828 9198 or contacting us through our free online consultation form.

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