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ICS Licensing Program Celebrates First Anniversary with Success

Date : 08/04/2011

On its first year anniversary, ICS is proud to announce it has successfully developed and proven an advanced business program for private investigators in local United States markets - the ICS World Business System Licensee Program. "The search is underway for demonstrated expertise in the private investigation sector along with the necessary commercial potential for this flexible and successful program." -Michael Rabern, President of ICS, Inc. and Managing Member of ICS World, LLC.

ICS has successfully demonstrated that this will allow local private investigators to expand their business operations under the ICS brand.  What is noteworthy is that an ICS Licensee is able to enjoy all the benefits of working with a large, well-established brand while maintaining your independence as a small business owner.  As a member of the ICS World Business System, Licensees successfully grew there business through the use of:
  • Use of the ICS trademark within a state territory
  • A comprehensive catalogue of documents spanning all aspects of the private investigator business
  • Periodic consulting and support from ICS Corporate offices
  • An ICS website built and maintained specifically for your business and territory 
  • A listing on icsworld.com as a Licensee, including your business profile and location/office information
  • Personal Profiles creation and development on icsworld.com
  • Use of the national toll-free number and the 24hours answering services.
  • Licensee-to-licensee, cross-territory trade relationships
  • Access to a large pool of job applications to help you grow your business
  • Case studies and Press Releases in your area, which feed directly to your local ICS webpage
  • Approximately 300 documents, letters, standard operating procedure, after action reviews, forms, agreements, and other relevant business documents.
Most importantly, ICS Licensees received access to all potential new clients in their territory.  Potential new clients come from many places within the ICS network, including global and local websites and advertising campaigns. 

Strengthening Local Trade

Rebuking the trend of growing business beyond traditional local markets. ICS World Business System Licensee Program helped consumers of the Licensees by having access to a local investigator at a normally lower cost, yet with a stronger more robust mechanism of accountability that a traditional local  or large regional private investigator would typically be able to offer.  Randy Wahl Manning Memeber of ICS World, LLC and Executive-Vice President of ICS, Inc. reminds us, "From my experience seeing first hand how markets affect private investigators, at the end of the day investigations in the US need less middlemen"

Strengthening National Trade

Another immediate benefit of the ICS Licensee program was the licensees membership in the Licensee-to-Licensee network.  The network allowed the ICS License access to other licensed, qualified and reliable investigators in other territories at a reasonable standardized cost.  In addition, there we the additional revenue to both ICS Licensees due to the cross-jurisdictional trade.  This cooperative business network allowed ICs Licensee investigators to share case strategies and business ideas in an open, co-operative atmosphere, rather than worrying about competitors.

Future of Trade

Licensees will independently own, manage and operate their business in their exclusive territory and get to take advantage of all the benefits of the ICS brand.  It is important to note that potential Licensees must already be qualified for private investigator licensing in their state as a private investigation business or agency, not merely as an individual.  Some states offer only one license type, while others offer multiple license types, so it is imperative that licensees hold the correct type of license required to operate as an agency.  "Everything we did for our licensee's is in this first phase of roll out was to build a robust relationship developing greater expertise, experience, and reliability for the consumer at ultimately a lower price,"  cites Michael Rabern.

If you are a qualified, licensed private investigator interested in joining ICS as a Licensee, please send an email or call us immediately. You may also fill out an application on our website.

If you are business reporter and interested in looking at the statistical equivalence of the claims herein , please send an email or call us.

The ICS Mission

The ICS mission to provide professional private investigations anywhere in the world, at any time, and report our findings in a timely and accountable manner.

About ICS

Founded in 1967, ICS, ICS World, or International Counterintelligence Services refers to one or more of the companies or affiliates operating under license. Each ICS company is an independently owned and operated, full service private detective agency dedicated to the fulfillment of the ICS Mission. ICS World enables clients to hire a licensed, qualified, reliable private investigator in their area at a standardized, reasonable cost.

About International Counterintelligence Services, Inc.

International Counterintelligence Services, Inc. (ICS, Inc.) was founded in 1967 by David Rabern, who was succeeded in 2006 by his son and current President, Michael Rabern. ICS, Inc. maintains its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and continues to pursue the ICS Mission globally. ICS, Inc. is a recognized world leader in private investigations.

About ICS World, L.L.C.

ICS World, LLC is the master licensor for ICS, ICS World, and International Counterintelligence Services. ICS World, LLC maintains corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and is directed by Michael Rabern, CEO, and Randy Wahl, COO.

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