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Commentary: Los Angles Times Reports Pellicano witnesses may top 120

Date : 03/07/2008

According the the LA Times story "Pellicano witnesses may top 120" the names of his clients will be sued for his defense. This is why you need to hire a private investigators that follows the letter of the law.

ICS will not offer an official comment regarding Mr. Pellicano, only that it has not used Mr. Pellicano on its investigations.

Often times investigations may reach murky territory. ICS likens this to the yellow light at an intersection. Typically its a good time to slow down and not speed up. Case breakers can some times be deal breakers. Within the context of todays professional private investigators, investigators that use illigal means, are criminals and should not be allowed to practice.

Unless required by law ICS clients are not disclosed to the public. A very rare circumstance, and generally these clients are advised and aware of the the future risks.

ICS does not break the law for its clients. Nor will it condone such behaviors form its investigative production staff.

Additional information about the industry perception shaping event an be read at:


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